Prologue!...Part 1

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I was playing in a garden of an unknown person. I met the owner, she was in a chair reading a book and a boy came to her about the same age as me. The woman had blonde hair, pale skin and had light blue eyes that seems to pierce your own eyes with one glance. The boy was quite different from the woman. He had black hair with dark blue eyes and pale skin.

"Hello there..."The woman said noticing my presence

"H-hi..." I replied scared

'Did she find out I'm a spy in training?' I asked myself The boy glance at me for a while and I backed away with one step. The woman gestured me to come to her and I did. I was shaking in fear when I stood in front of them, but after a few minutes I calmed down.

"Sit." The woman said. I sat down trying to be conscious and wary of what I was doing. I know I'm a spy in training and what I learned from training is to never trust anyone and stuff. But somehow I feel alright near these people.

"So...are you in vacation with your parents?" The woman asked trying not feel guilty for some reason

" I'm with my uncle...but I kinda got lost..." I said sadly

"Oh...where is your parents then?" She asked again but, her voice had a hint of sadness

"Well...uh...My mom died when she was giving birth to me and as for my dad he remarried and my uncle disapprove of it so he took me in" I explained sadly

"i see..."She said ssadly "AH! we didn't introduce ourselves!" She said changing the topic as she can see I did not want to talk about it.

"My name is Emily!" She said cheerfully "This is my son...David" She continued while gesturing to the boy next to her. He smiled lightly and turned

'He has a bored expression' I thought

"Indeed" I heard Emily murmured

'What the...did she read my mind?...impossible' I thought to myself

I looked at David and again with Emily. They really look like their siblings...A voice broke my train of thought

"We don't look like mother and son to you don't we?" Emily asked with a bright smile. I nodded slightly half in embarrassment and the other in...anger?

"Honey its fine, people always say that about us" She said trying to cheer me up

"Why are you and your uncle here anyways?" She asked

"We really aren't here for a vacation...My uncle said he was looking for someone that needs to pay...He said that they live near here...I searched around and got myself lost after that..." I explained. My uncle told me not to say a thing to anyone but for some reason my mouth just spoke the truth. I saw Emily smirked a bit.

'odd...'I thought to myself

"David?" Emily called her son and he looked at her in disgust?

"Why?" I accidentally murmured under my breath but thank god they ignored me

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