Chapter 1-Brimstone

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Chapter 1-Brimstone

A bolt of lightning illuminated the small cluttered bedroom along with a single overhead bulb.

A high-pitched scream, followed by a booming crash, echoed through the two-story house in the middle of Sacramento, California.

Seven-year-old Logan Blake flinched when another lightning bolt tore passed his open window. The heavy clouds outside obscured the full moon.

Another crash echoed through the house.

Logan covered his chin with his Dragon Ball blanket. He huddled in a corner next to his bed.

Were Mommy and Daddy okay? What about Erin? Was she okay down there?

Logan whimpered and brought his knees to his chest. Tears dripped down his cheeks.

What was going on down there? Maybe he should go see if everyone was okay?

Logan's thoughts were interrupted when his bedroom's door was hastily opened, revealing his older sister, Erin.

"Logan, hide!" Erin ordered, frantically looking for a weapon.

"Erin, what's—"

"Logan, now!" She closed the door behind her.

With a whimper, Logan scrambled under his bed, dragging his blanket with him.

Erin rushed forward and started dragging Logan's bookshelf towards the door. Logan watched as his beloved books fell to the ground.


"No time to talk," cried Erin, pushing the shelf against the door.

Two gunshots rang downstairs. A crash violently shook the house on its foundation, rattling the windows.

More lightning illuminated the room and thunder made its presence known.

Erin dragged over a chair and other furniture to build a large but hastily made barrier.

Two more gunshots broke fourth. A female scream was cut short violently.

"Erin... please! Please hide!"

"Not secured. No!" cursed Erin. She placed a stool on top of the pile.

The resulting silence that filled the room was almost deafening.

Something large smashed against the door, rocking the pile. The bulb swayed on its line, casting shadows throughout the room.

Erin took an unsteady step back.

Something crashed against the door again, before retreating.

Logan didn't even have time to breathe before a massive tentacle smashed through the wall next to the door. A green slime coated its surface.

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