lets go somewhere we can be alone.

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(abhi, sumu and vishal are sleeping in sumus room, sumu and vishal on the bed while abhi is sleeping on the extra mattress. all three are in a deep slumber when vaish enters the room quietly and sits besides Abhi. the room is totally dark so she is using her phones flash light. she starts to shake him lightly to make sure that no one else wakes up. Abhi stirres a little but doesnt wake up.)

vaish: (yeh kese uthe ga ab?! itni si bhi awaj hoi to vishu and sumu will also wake up. soch vaish soch! arey haan!!!)

(she spots tha jug of water kept on the table and brings it there. and starts to sprinkle some water on abhi who moves and stir a little but doesnt wake up)

vaish: (whispering) uth na abhii!!

abhi: bai sone do na. mere uthne ke bad jhado mar lena

vaish: (bai?!! yeh to sachme bai ke hi bare main sochta rehta hai!! kahien sach main..... shutup vaish! abhi isse utha) abhi its me......

abhi: (in sleep) bai apne english sikhli? good han........ (sleeps again)

vaish: (oh god!) bai nahi main houn! vaishnavi.

abhi: (again mumbling in sleep) acha.... hi vaishnavi. (suddenly realises and sits up and screams loudly in shock) VAISHNAVI?!

(as he sits up while yelling vaish quickly in reflex action goes near him and keeps her hand on his mouth. their nearness is surprising and only a move could result in a kiss except vaishs hands are on abhis lips. all of their surroundings are consumed by darkness except their faces which are visible to one another because of vaishs flash light positioned right on their faces. abhi who was formerly asleep is now wide awake but silence has taken over him and the same vaish who was waiting for abhi to wake up so that she can say what she wants is quiet. the stillness and pin drop silence in the room is so much that they can hear one anothers unusually high heartbeats. they are lost in one anothers eyes and something stops them from looking away. suddenly the trance is broken by the sound of someone sitting up in bed, which was easily audible enough to disturb the noiselessness of the room. both of them come back to whichever world they were in and abhi is about to say something when vaish signals him to stay quiet with a finger on her lips closing the flash light of her phone and once again the whole room is totally dark. suddenly vishu speaks, vaish had sensed that he had woken up)

vishu: (sleepy) abhi?

abhi: han vishu

vishu: abhi tu cheekha?

abhi: woh... woh cheekh?

vishu: han abhi kisi ne cheekha tha!

abhi: woh....woh han maine ek bhayanak sapna dekha......

vishu: oh. what time is it?

abhi: just 4:30. tu soja

vishu: han theek he subah baat karte hai

abhi: hmm

(vishu who was already half asleep falls asleep instantly and vaish and abhi leave the room and abhi takes her to the balcony of the room)

vaish: (omg. abhi ander mujhe kya hogaya tha! why couldnt i move or speak?!!! it was like my body was paralyzed! yeh mere sath kyun hua?... oh maybe i was too shocked to react or something. dont think much) phew!

abhi: (meri heartbeat itni kyun badh gayi thi abhi?! and main usse door kyun nahi ja pa raha tha. main kya uski ankhoun main kho gaya tha?! but.... but yeh sab to.... pyar main hota hai! oh god abhi shutup. maybe sid sahi kehta hai main fairyland main rehta houn. yeh to bas isiliye hua because i was too shocked to be woken up this way. warna how can i fall in love with a girl i met some hours back. har cheez pyar thodi hoti) vaish?!

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