What is the Paid Stories program?

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This page includes some key FAQs about the program - but if you want to see the full FAQ, you can do so by visiting the Paid Stories site: www.wattpad.com/paidstories/

What is the Wattpad Paid Stories program?

Wattpad Paid Stories is a program that makes it possible for writers to earn money for their work, while providing readers with a way to monetarily support writers on Wattpad.

Paid Stories are a response to users across the Wattpad community asking for ways to support the writers who create the stories they love. Readers can purchase Coins that can then be used to unlock chapters or full stories that are part of the program.

I thought the Wattpad Next beta program was meant to be temporary?

We launched the Wattpad Next beta program as a temporary program to learn and test how our community would interact with a program that monetarily supports writers.

Results from the beta program showed that many Wattpadders believe writers should earn money for their work. The feedback and learnings from the beta program helped us improve the program for readers and writers.

We are always iterating on Wattpad features to create the best experience for our community, and will continue to make updates to the Paid Stories program.

Why did you launch Paid Stories?

Writers create the stories that make Wattpad the best place in the world to find unique stories from diverse voices. Wattpad readers have been asking for a way to reward writers, and Paid Stories is a way to support and reward writers for creating the stories we love.

For years, working with writers to bolster their careers, and amplify their voices has been a priority for Wattpad. The Wattpad team has worked to bring Wattpad stories to the silver screen, turn Wattpad stories into published best-sellers, and partnered with networks to create popular TV series around the world.

Our community has always cheered and supported writers throughout their journeys. Paid Stories were born out of the need from our community to support writers directly on Wattpad. Wattpadders are the first to discover the stories, and this is a way for them to be the first to support the writers and help fund their work.

But isn't Wattpad supposed to be free? I signed up for Wattpad because I could read without paying.

Wattpad is a place for writers and readers to connect over unique stories - in all forms. A selection of stories are included in Paid Stories, which provides writers with a way to earn money for their work.

We know that free reading is important to many members in our community. The majority of stories on Wattpad will always be free to read.

Essentially, you can now enjoy Wattpad in 3 ways:

1. Read for Free: Enjoy Wattpad the way you always have. There are still millions of free stories on Wattpad, and that isn't going to change.

2. Try Wattpad Premium: Subscribe for an enhanced reading experience with uninterrupted ad-free reading, access to bonus Coins for Paid Stories, and customized themes.

3. Discover Paid Stories: Support Wattpad writers by reading exclusive stories

How much of the Paid Stories money goes to writers?

The majority of revenue from the program is paid to writers.

Paid Stories is about helping writers! Fans want to know that writers are benefitting from this program, so ensuring fair compensation is our biggest priority.

Why should writers be paid on Wattpad?

Writers deserve to be paid for their work. Paid Stories is a way for the community to support their careers on Wattpad.

Writing and sharing a story takes a great deal of creativity, commitment, and work. Over the years we have worked with writers for them to earn movie and TV deals, and to publish their work. Paid Stories is a way for more of the talented writers on Wattpad to benefit from the backing of their readers, and to fund their continued writing journey.

If you have any questions or feedback on any of the info you've read here, please feel free to submit a support ticket (& select 'New Feature Feedback' as your reason for doing so): https://goo.gl/yEX93A

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