Chapter 11

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I need to find Claire. I know that John hates Claire but we need her if we're going to take down Ember. It's the only way, like it or not. I'm sorry John but we need her.

A day later

I went on the train today after school and told John that I was recruiting a old friend.. It's mostly true. I just wonder if Claire would want to help everyone take down Ember. I hope so.

Wouldn't want any.. problems.. right?

Maybe.. She could have a secret identity aswell.. So then John won't know that it's Claire. But then again.. John can sense her..

I cleared my thoughts as I exited the train and searched for Claire.

She isn't here..

I'll text her.


Italics is Fierzza
Bold is Claire

"Claire, where are you?"

"Somewhere. What do you need?"

"Uh.. Can you meet me at the train station?"

".. Sure.. I'll be there in 20 minutes."

"Ok, thanks Claire."

Alright. So I have 20 minutes to do whatever I want.

I check the time.


So that means I have until.. 3:43.

Alright let's go.. To..

A thought enters my mind.. Should I go back to New Bostin..? Just for a visit at least? Maybe they'll remember me.. Maybe.

Maybe not as the brother of the tyrant King John Doe..

Maybe they could remember me as someone who went to their school.

But that's impossible.. Especially when.. John destroyed everything.

Everyone almost died.

I almost died.

I sacrificed everything to try and dethrone John.

And then he was gone.

Everyone hated John, and since I was the brother of John, everyone hated me. Except you Claire. You still were still with me even after everything that happened.

Even though my brother was a monster.

Even though I had failed to dethrone John.

Even after everything.

You were still by my side.. And you helped John.. It's just that.. Where did it go wrong?

Why when you helped me.. It never went wrong?

And why did John's training go wrong?

Maybe I should visit New Bostin..

It may be the only chance I got.

For old times sake.. I'm going.

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