Short one

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Your POV
I'm not dating anymore boys. They are too much work and my mom probably does not like it so I'll stop
                   Private messages
Seaveydaniel: yo-yo
                               You: no-no
Seaveydaniel: okay shut up.
                          Anyways I think you should forgive Johnny as t wasn't his fault
                                You: technically he did cheat on me so it is his fault in a way
Seaveydaniel: you know what I mean. He's probably really upset.
                                You: whose side you on? I've been cheated on and I dated a psycho. My life isn't great and I'm not going to forgive a cheater. Coz once a cheater always a cheater
Seaveydaniel: I'm sorry. I'm on ur side
                               You:  now I have to go bye

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