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I was 10, standing in the church yard, among fruit trees when an intense feeling became one with me. My father was working on the roof, we all lived behind the Iron Curtain in the peak of the Cold War, with no compact information or knowledge about the world, yet my cells united with the sudden words:

'Why is it so?

Why are they starving on the Earth?

Why is it so

That I don't take care of others?'

I was 10, knowing nothing about the famine all around. God talked through me and I could hear Him by these words.

I could not tell this anyone, although I probably tried, 'they' were 'far', should have 'worked', and 'couldn't help them' were the common answers by the adults.

Many years have passed since then, however, I have never forgotten this meeting with God, nor 'them', and keep praying for 'those' who cannot have nice meals or food, water at all. I used to enjoy food and eating, but as I was growing up it became less and less enjoyable.

I can't let myself up until all the people of the world will always have nutritious food and water in a peaceful place.

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