Chapter 15 *preview*

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"You ask too much!" Ironwood shouted pointing at Sienna Khan and Adam, standing up from his seat in his position.

Ironwood then turns his attention to Jaune, and said, "...You can't let this White Fang Terrorist outrage lead you to war!" He reasons looking at Jaune, who has his eyes narrowed.

"...if you choose to Liberate the Faunus slaves from Atlas, you will be expose across Remnant and a threat to the kingdom Mistral and Vacuo, and the people will suffer!" he said, but Jaune just kept a stoic expression.

"...if the White Fang want liberation, they must seek it alone!" Ironwood scowled as the crowds in the sidelines murmuring in a mixture of agreement and disagreement, with the Beacon Residents hoping Jaune would consider this reason.

Sienna Khan and Adam Taurus glared at Ironwood, before Sienna Khan would make a comeback, Adam interjected glaring at Ironwood.

"You see all of the Faunus under the heel of Atlas! Cowering like inferior slaves, we spilled blood for the Faunus..." Adam looks at Jaune as he continues.

" we need allies, the might of the Covenant's Arc will hold their ambition!" Adam said as he raises his tighten fist in emphasis, as the White Fang members along with a few Covenant citizens starts cheering in agreement.

"Your time is wasted here Terrorist! You don't understand who you are even talking to!" Ironwood said glaring at Adam.

Adam glared back, before looking at the room around him eyeing everyone that is in the Senate, "...All eyes look upon Covenant's Arc, and this is what they'll have you seek!"


The scene shows a line of Elites standing in attention with their weapons on side.

"From enlistment, a Covenant's Arc Soldier is trained for one purpose!" Adam narrates.

The scene then changes and shows Elites attacking a White Fang grunt with his energy sword, while the Grunts and Jackals in the background are having a skirmish between the White Fang Members.

"To do Battle!"

The Elite then raises his energy sword up and brings down to White Fang grunt who attempts to block it with his sword, but it did little protection as the energy sword cut through, killing the White Fang Member in the process.

"You are now just acting as Grimm trying to attack a innocent that you don't understand!" Ironwood insulted.

A Faunus Elite then threw a plasma grenade at the White Fang Terrorist.

"They dare evict themselves as our equals!" Adam argued.

The Plasma Grenade then sticks to the White Fang Member's Head.

"None can match their skills!" Adam added.

The grenade then explodes, taking some of his White Fang comrades with him.

"It's every Covenant Soldier to embody the nature of war!!" Adam shouted.

The flashback then changes to Human and Faunus Elites firing barrage of Plasma bolts at the Terrorist tearing them apart.

~Flashback Ends~

"Strike now! We beg you!" Adam pleads to Jaune, who still kept a stoic expression.

"You will bring Remnant to Chaos!!!" Ironwood shouted.

Jaune then slams his fist in the arm chair silencing everyone. Everyone looks at Jaune as he stood up from his chair and says,

"I heard enough, and I made my decision..." Jaune said, before he would make his decision final!


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