bouns!~ (Goggles's birthday special)

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[Goggles's pov]

I was sleeping on my bed,it is afternoon (4 pm) but I was quite tired. Also today's my birthday, but I need some rest cause why not.
That's what I planned until I heard a ring
"Brrr! Brrrr!", it was my phone. I reached to it and answered the call as I let out a small yawn.
"Mm.. Hello?", I asked very tired.
"Gogglessss~ I have a surprise for you! Come to my place at 5 pm!".
"Surprise?! I LOVE SURPRISES! OK! BYE BYE BABE!", I said and hung up. I got dressed up,brushed/fixed my hair and waited for 5 pm to come.

-an hour later-

I came to Glasses house and knocked on the door, wondering what the suprise would be.
Suddenly the door opened by Glasses, he smiled and hugged me.
"How are you doing bby?", he asked.
"I'm doing fine! What about you sweetie?~", I said giving him lots of kisses on his cheek.
"I-i'm doing very good bby!", he said while giggling,"ready for your suprise? It's something very special, just for you~".
"Yes!! What is it?!".
He then let go of the hug and stood behind me. Suddenly I felt something covering my eyes.
"Just follow me ok?", he said and held my hands as I suppose we both went inside.
Suddenly we both stopped, he took off the thing that covered my eyes.
I was shocked from what I saw, he actually remembered...
Everything was decorated in blue, there were some snacks on the table and in the middle there was a cake.
"Glasses... I... I...", I started to tear up and smile.
"Happy birthday sweetheart",he said and wrapped his hands around my neck and kissed me as he wipped my tears away. I kissed back warpping my hands around him. We kept kissing for 3 minutes until we both broke the kiss.
"I love you so much babe..", I said giggling looking into his beautiful ocean eyes.
"Love you too", he whispered and gave me a small kiss on the cheek.

To be Continued...
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