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Dude, just kiss me chapter1

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I was sitting in a booth at Mcdonald's staring over at Daniel while he cleaned surfaces of tables. He looked so sexy in that uniform. Fuck. He looks sexy in everything.

A strand of hair fell forward as he chatted up this girl in a really short mini skirt, you don't even want to know how short it was. I watched as he leaned over her to wipe the table and put his flirtatious smile on. I've known him for 6 years now, I know all his flirting skills. First he leans over then flicks his head backwards to make his hair fall into place. He comes up with somecrap pick up line but it works because he's that good looking. He put's on his gorgeous smile and sighs while staring at your body.

Not that he's ever flirted with me. I mean why would he? Im just Naomi Leigh Strider, hopeless loser.

How I wish Daniel would flirt with me I wouldn't even wait to get him into bed.

Another thing about Daniel, he's so funny and understanding. If your in the middle of doing something serious like checking bills or on a very serious phone call he get's bored and tries his tickling weapon. Which works on me, we have a tickle fight and I ditch whatever I was doing. Because i've fallen for him, just like all the other girls have only he doesn't know I have. He has this boy-ish charm that makes you need him.

I saw the whore in the short mini skirt give him her number then smirked and left. He sat back on the table and sighed, gosh if only he could read what's running through my mind right now I thought to myself as he moved his hand to his neck and

started cleaning up again.

One other thing about all his 'girlfriends' I do not refer to them as girls or 'girlfriends' all they are to me are whore's. I know that's mean but that's all they are to Daniel, he even admits it so why can't I say it? Now get off my case. He only wants them to fuck and then he comes up with some lame excuse like ''Im not ready to be in a relationship, my Gran just died.'' Or ''Listen, I really like you but im moving to England tomorrow and im not willing to have a long distance relationship.'' Ha, sometimes I hope they see he hasn't moved and question him. I'd love to see him blush. They always have sympothy for him though and it leads to goodbye sex.

Id love to see him naked. Fuck. Shut your mouth Naomi.

I was messing and fiddling with the pepper pot in front of me when he leaned over to clean the table.

I sighed heavily hoping he would talk to me, he always talked to me when he was at work, but his boss thinks there's something going on between us (I wish) so makes him stay away from me. I still however come to see him. I just like looking at him. I know what your thinking 'Pervert' 'stalker.' If that's what you believe then fine but he likes me coming to see him. And I like coming to see him even though he does flirt like a mad man.

I just noticed I knocked the salt over and couldn't be arsed to bother picking it back up.

I heard a cough above me so I looked up with puppy dog eyes.

Daniel laughed. ''No, no, no you can't get away with it that easy, now make my job easier and pick it up.'' He looked at me with his arms crossed over his chest.

I did what he said. ''Oh and that's bad luck.'' He winked.

I think i've got enough bad luck already. God put me on the dam earth next to somone im completley and utterly in love with and can't have and im such a downright ugly loser. I gave him the finger and chuckled.

He gasped. ''Aww babe I love you too.'' Hesaid sarcasticallyand tried to give me a love bite. Obviousy he was only pretending he would never ever ever ever try to really. Who would touch me? Not me. Not even Shrek. Ughh.

He fell on top of me (Daniel not Shrek, im not that lame)We both fell into a laughing fit and he tried to tickle my tummy, he knew that was my weak spot. I screamed and I saw head's turn. I didn't care as long as he stayed on top of me. For ever. Shut the fuck up stupid sick mind of mine!

Daniel's manager was stood behind him giving him the dreaded death stare when Daniel got up. It made me giggle.

''Do you mind seducing my customers Daniel?'' He looked at him sternly. That made him burst out laughing, which made me laugh too.

''Nope I don't mind at all.''

His boss coughed when he said that.

''Get back to work and keep your hands to yourself.''

He started laughing again when his boss went behind the counter.

I giggled. ''Yeah Daniel keep your hands to youself.'' I mimicked pulling my tongue out. ''It's not my fault you distract me.'' He started to turn.

I distract him!? Does that mean look wise? Is it even a compliment? Shit, I felt myself blush and I turned my head a few minutes later to see Daniel rested on a table across the room staring right at me.He had his hands in his pockets and about 3 of his buttons were undone revealing his chest. God torcher would be better than this. I sank in my seat feeling uncomfortable that he was looking right at me, yet I never wanted him to look at anyone else.

I felt someone wack me on the head with something a few minutes later. I turned to see Daniel stood at the entrance with an apron in his hand he gestured me to the door then linked my arm when we got out of Mcd's.

''If you keep linking me like this girls are gonna think your gay.'' I smiled skipping with Daniel down the street in town.

''Maybe I am.'' I felt my heart beat faster

''What?'' I asked quickly.

''Naomi im joking.'' He said in a 'duh' like tone.

''Haha, I know.'' I said stupidly.

We reached his car and he drove back to our apartment checking out whore's when we stopped at traffic lights.

I sighed. Boys ey?

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