Chapter 22

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Day : Friday
Date : 07/06/2019

Hey guys! I'm back with chapter 22! I'm sorry for keeping you waiting for this chapter. But my brain feels like it will get explode anytime soon for too much thinking about vocabulary. I'm lack of it.

But I promise I will try my best to update sooner next time. I need to be quicker to finish this book before I go to college since I will get more busy after that.

Anyway, here I put some in previous chapter just in case you forgot what happened in it. But if you not then you can just skip it. Happy reading!


"Hey Cam."


"Erm..have you read my text?"

"Yeah..y-you said you want to see me? Alone?"

"Well yeah..that is if you're okay with it."

"Okay. When?"

"Around 5 PM?"

"I'm sorry, but I can't. I have to go somewhere with my brothers."

"'s okay. How about tonight?"

"Erm..okay. I think I can. Where are we going to meet?"

"How about we meet at the playground near your place? I don't want you to walk far from your house alone at night. It's dangerous."

The playground was really close to her house. It's less than three minutes walking.

He cares about me..

She smiled at the thought.

"Okay." she agreed.

"Okay, good. See you tonight then. I will text you when I reach there."

"Okay. Bye Adam."

"Bye Cam."

Camellia hang up the phone before put it back in her pocket.

"Who is Adam?"


"Yep. Now that you said you have a guy friend, I need to meet him to approve your friendship. I don't want my little sister around bad boys." Elli said.

"Okay, Elli. I will tell them."

"Them? What do you mean them?"

"Er..actually I have five of them."




"Where are we going? I'm just in my onesie."

"Don't worry. You look cute in it. I just want to bring you somewhere to show you something which only three people know about me. There will be -"

Not even get to finish his words, Cam's stomach growled causing her to turn beet red.

She turned to look at Adam hesitantly just to see him smiled.

"Let's grab some food first. I'm hungry." he said.

He really is a nice guy.


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