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That day started unlike like any other.

I woke up refreshed and was in a great mood despite not being a morning person. Mom had made my favorite blueberry pancakes for breakfast and my older brother, Jake, had not left with the car. My Dad was eating breakfast with us because he had a day off, which usually doesn't happen.

We made small conversation about the most random things and we laughed together until my brother and I had to leave. Jake is older than me by a year which makes him a Senior and I a Junior.

We live in a relatively large town that has multiple schools but we attend the one closest to our home, Valley High. My brother is the school's Quarterback and he is the total cost image. We both inherited our mother's raven hair but he inherited our ocean blue eyes. He is 6'5 and muscular thanks to the sport he plays. But, unlike the stereotypical jock types, he doesn't tolerate bullying of any shape or form. It was mostly due to the fact that I had realised my sexual preference at an early age and I was bullied for it. When he found out, he always stood guard of me and enrolled the both of in a Muay Thai school for me to learn how to defend myself.

The new term had already started a month back but the lingering atmosphere of summer hung in the air. I met up with my best friends Aleksandr- Sasha, and Raphael- Rafa.

We were joking around and generally talking nonsense while making a scene. Sasha reminded me about the vote for the team's new captain instigating Rafa's teasing. The bell rang soon after and the three of us dispersed.

The first four sessions were uneventful but didn't put a damper on my happy mood, but then it happened.

I saw him.

It was pure coincidence. I was walking to my next class when I turned my head and there he was, alone in the Chemistry Laboratory. As I looked trough the glass in the door, my courage spiked. I decided then and there that I was going to tell him.

I silently entered the class and walked up to stand in front of him. He raised his eyes to mine and we stared at each other for a few seconds.

"December, can I tell you something?"

"What?" He asked as one of his brows raised.

"Please don't freak out."

"Why would I?"



"I'm in love with you!" I exclaimed.

A small intake of breath was heard as he stared at me. His eyes wide with astonishment. What seemed like years were only minutes of silent torture. My eyes never wavered from his face, hoping to catch his every possible reaction. A sense of dread came over me as he stayed unresponsive and my heart somehow knew what was coming.

"I'm sorry David-"

Please not that!

"-but I can't return your feelings."

As he finished breaking my heart he left without an explanation as to why. The door sounded as he closed it and as I heard it, my body sagged against one of the lab counters. It was as if I had lost all of my strength and when my brain had fully processed the situation that I was in, I did the only thing that it would allow.

I cried.

I cried and cried until my breaths came out in labored gasps and my nose was too clogged up to be useful. Time slipped by me until Jake found me at the end of the lunch hour. He kept asking what was wrong but I hadn't spoken to anyone after that sad aspect of my day. I was sad and everyone who cares to noticed saw. They were all worried because I am normally the life of the party but I didn't want to reassure them, all I wanted was to go home and eat a giant tub of peanut ice cream while watching reruns of South Park.

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