Chapter Sixteen

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Chapter Sixteen


Kailen’s mind was drawing a complete blank.

He knew Aurelia was a beautiful woman with long dark hair and an exquisite olive complexion. Her eyes are what drew him first, green eyes that seem to spit fire at him, gaze at him with a new challenge every day. It made his heart rate pick up. Not many women would dare look at him that way.

But seeing her now, washed and dressed as a Briton, it did something strange to his insides, made his brain sluggish and his skin feel too hot. It seems an odd thing to think about, but he thought she looked better dressed as a Briton than she did as a Roman.

He couldn’t help but smile inwardly, wandering what her reaction would be if he voiced his thoughts to her aloud.

Something scathing, he was sure.

He glanced at her sandal clad feet. “The sandals don’t really match the dress.” He forced himself to speak.

She followed his gaze down to her feet. “Your sister said someone would fit me for new shoes.”

He nodded, putting his sword back in its scabbard and the whetstone into the little pocket on the side of the sheath. “I will apply to our tailor today.” He promised. “Have you eaten yet?”

“Not yet.” She answered, walking further into the hut.

“Renna brought over some bread to break our fast.” He said, gesturing to the pounded flat breads on an earthenware plate. The smell of freshly baked bread filled the space, making his stomach growl.

The smell seemed to have the same effect on Aurelia as her eyes brightened at the sight. “They smell good, she must be a wonderful cook.”

“She is.” He smiled, thinking of the gentle healer. “A lot better than anything I can do myself.”

He had grown up with her as she was only a year younger than he was. When his mother had died and his father disappeared, she had made it her mission to fill the gap by taking care of him and his brother. He used to wander if Trystin had thoughts of making her his wife, but nothing had come of it. Or rather, it was too little too late. Now, with no woman to look after him, she had made sure he was at least feeding himself properly.

“I don’t doubt it,” Aurelia said with a sardonic tilt to her lips. She took one of the flat breads from the pile and bit into it, the look of pure delight spreading across her face at the taste.

He caught himself staring again.

Snapping himself out of it, he stood beside her and took a flat bread for himself, his teeth sinking into the still warm dough. “She’s outdone herself today.”

“So she will be showing me what to do here?” Aurelia asked, licking her fingers clean.

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