The Truth

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"I-" Tate started.

"What's going on?" You replied.

"Have you heard about the strange animal killings?" Tate said.

"Yeah I guess, but wha-"

"I wanna get to know you better. I just...need to know I can trust you enough."


"We uh- we need to get to school" tate said changing the subject.


*You arrived at hell- I mean uh- <cough> school*

You walked to your classroom with Tate not speaking a word to eachother except for when you arrived to the classroom.

"So this is our stop," he said breaking the silence.

"Guess I'll see you after class."


You nodded then left into the classroom, then suddenly everything came back to you the moment you saw him.

This feeling in you told you to go up and confront him, but you didn't. You just asked to move seats. Luckily for me there was an empty seat in the back right of the classroom. It was near an open window. The window made it visible to see all the damage the rain has done. Drenching pine trees in water along with the streets. It was still sprinkling, but only a little. Oh how the sky was depressed.

After a good thirty minutes of class the announcements came on.

"Could Mr. Santorini please come to the front office."

Your teacher stood up after that, so you presumed they were talking about him.

"Behave until I get back." He said with exhaustion.

Unlike other people you just plugged your ear buds in and opened my sketch book. You started drawing a wolf. It was original and intead of looking up at the moon it was looking down, as if hiding something within its eyes.

The person next to you suddenly got up and sat down where Austin used to sit. Austin wasn't anywhere to be seen though. You shook it off and focused back to the now empty seat next to you.

"Holy shit!" AUSTIN WAS SITTING RIGHT NEXT TO YOU! How the hell??

"Chill out would you," Austin said trying to calm you down.

You looked up and saw all the eyes looking at you. You looked back down then back at Austin.

"How the hell did you get over here?"

"I walked. Duh."

"What the hell happened last night?"

"What are you talking about?" He said playing dumb.

"Don't act dumb. You know what I'm talking about."

"I really don't," he said flashing a smile.

"If you don't wanna tell me then I dont wanna talk to you." You sassed back.

Okay so right now I'm updating and fixing up each of the chapters. Because I took some advanced writing classes and I'm getting better at writing😊 I hope you all are enjoying my story so far!!

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