Chapter 8: Pt. 1: Bachorlette Party

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So, tomorrows the wedding. Alice and Rose and Esme are making me have a bachorlette party. So, I am now getting dressed into this dark blue dress Alice got me. I only have ten minutes and then I can't see Jasper until tomorrow. So, I am trying to hurry. "Bella! Take your time!" Rose said.

"Sorry! I'm just trying to save a few minutes to see Jasper before tomorrow." I said.

"Okay. Well, you can spend the last ten minutes with him because in ten minutes the boys are gonna go hunt and talk while we're gonna go watch a movie and buy some stuff for your guy's honeymoon. Jasper is taking you to a secret place. We know where but, you don't." Alice said.

"Okay!" I said and ran into I and Jasper's room.

I was running so fast that Jasper had to catch me so I didn't trip. "Bella sweetie. What's wrong?"

"Oh. Nothing. Just came to see you before tomorrow because after tonight I can't see you until tomorrow on the alter."

"Oh. Well, you look georgeous!" Jasper said.

"Thank you. You don't look bad yourself!"

"Thanks." Jasper chuckled. He leaned down to kiss me. I looked up, leaned in and kiss him back. "BELLA! C'MON!" Alice yelled.

"Ugh! Really? I was kissing my soon-to-be husband!"

"Yes! You've got your bachorletre party while Jasper has his Bachlore party! Hurry up!"

"Fine!" I said and kissed Jasper once more. "See you tomorrow on the alter, Jazz!"

"Yep. See ya tomorrow, Mrs Whitlock!" I giggled. He smiled. I walked downstairs and Alice, Rose and Esme were all dressed nice just like me. We were gonna go watch a romantic movie then shop for the honeymoon and stuff I guess. I wonder what the guys will be doing for Jasper's Bachlore Party? I thought.

We got in Rose's car and drove off...

We all got out and walked in. "Four tickets for the movie, 'The Fault In Our stars' please." Esme asked.

"Here ya go sweeties!" The nice lady said. We then walked in and started watching the movie.

Hey guys! That was part one of chapter 8! Hope u all liked that chapter!

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