The Finals!?, The Club!?, that's unfortunate (Part 2)

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At the outside of the gym after the tournament during the sunset. Rinoa and her teammates walk together wearing a Team sweater before riding a bus back home. She realized that Niri was spying on her before she left.

Rinoa: Hey girls, I'll be back in a few moments.

Hatori: Don't get long Mitsuki-san.

Hatori went into her bus with her teammates before Rinoa ran off somewhere to go after Niri.

Rinoa rushes so quickly after her before the captain of Niiyama junior player leaves. She sees her putting a coin into a vending machine and grabs a drink from under.

Rinoa: *panted* Hey there!!!"

She saw her wearing a Niiyama team sweater and a gold medal, glance at her looking cheerless.

Niri: *Sighed* So you choose the wrong path for the first time Mitsuki-san.

Rinoa: So what if!? I already know that you are better than me. You are one of the best players that I know... *shaking her fist while fight off her tears* You are the greatest player that I wanna beat someday. Remember this... When we face each other, I will be sure to beat you in your own game.

Niri lowered her head and looking down. Then she turns to Rinoa

Niri: *Sigh* if you wanna surpassed me someday, then tell me this... Why do you persistent of playing volleyball? Why do you intend to beat me someday? It takes more than that to be stronger than anyone else don't you think?

Rinoa: It's a simple answer. Because I like volleyball. When I watch that Little giant in Karasuno High, I was so motivated. I watch his games. Especially for Kageyama-kun. He makes an attack so quickly that I wanna try someday. Just like Hinata-kun. And I made just that during that we faced a little while ago. But I wanna play something more... Because that's nothing I enjoyed more than a volleyball.

Niri: It's not just more than a volleyball Mitsuki-san. Volleyball means that it takes more than being the best. Being the best requires you to be stronger. For being an enthusiastic player like you. You don't rely on the same tactics that you wanna do.

Rinoa: Huh...

Niri: But for us, we do things that we wanna do. Because this is how we play Volleyball... Nothing else matters.

Rinoa: But... I... I... Was the best, even my lineups do...

Niri: Stuff that drama act into your face Mitsuki-san. It really takes more than that to beat one of the best team in the prefecture like us. But since you lost for the last time... There is nothing you can do...

She walks forward into Rinoa before she whispered into her ear

Niri: There is room to learn to become a team captain or a player. When you're ready to do that. Someday I will take you head on.

Rinoa: Huh...

Niri: *whispered* Don't forget that we're not on the same level... Rinoa Mitsuki.

She leaves somewhere else before leaving Rinoa's eyes wide open and kneel down in defeat, burst into tears.

During the bus trip, everyone was sleeping on their way home while Rinoa watching the view from the window, her flashback is written all over her face about what Niri said earlier.

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