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    WHEN PERSEPHONE WOKE up for her first class of the morning, her back was slumped and her eyes were dropping closed as her sluggish feet dragged her to the common meeting place that her herbology teacher had informed her - the same place it was...

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WHEN PERSEPHONE WOKE up for her first class of the morning, her back was slumped and her eyes were dropping closed as her sluggish feet dragged her to the common meeting place that her herbology teacher had informed her - the same place it was every year and every lesson - behind the school greenhouse.

    The grass was wet from both the rain from the night before and the dew that was caused by even the slightest bit of sun that peaked through the dark clouds. Her leather shoes slid along the slippery ground, almost causing her to trip herself up and slide down the hill. The bag that held her books was swinging and swishing against her school robe as she pulled her yellow and black scarf tighter around her, trying to fight off the wind that was picking up the leaves around her and swirling them in the air.

    "Hey, Persephone," a lone girl greeted, her own blue and white scarf wrapped around her neck, "cold, isn't it?" She smiled, catching up to Persephone and matching her slow pace.

    Persephone chuckled slightly, watching her breath turn into frost against the air, "very," she agreed, turning to the girl, "how are you, phoebe? Feeling better after break?" She questioned, looking at the blonde with considerate eyes as she remembered how ill the girl had been before the school year ended.

    "I'm good, Persephone, thanks for asking," she smiled brightly, turning around quickly at the sound of someone landing on the floor with a loud thud.

    "Great," a masculine voice muttered sarcastically, causing Persephone to turn around as well.

    "Neville!" She called, rushing over to help the boy who was slowly trying to recollect his things which had spilt along the grass, "here," she offered, handing over the container of pencils that rolled towards her feet.

    "Thanks, Persephone," he smiled, grabbing the pencils and the rest of his belongings as he accepted the helping hand to gain stability again.

    "No problem," she smiled, linking arms with the boy to ensure that he didn't fall again. They weren't too far away from the greenhouse, their feet's soon squashing the squelching grass of the flat land as they spotted their herbology teacher. "Good morning, professor," she greeted before she was lost in the crowd of the other fourth years.

    "Okay everyone, settle down," Pomona Sprout hushed, moving her arms around animatedly, repeating herself as few students stopped to pay attention.

    The gruff voice interrupted the chattering teens, gathering the attention of the professor as well, "Professor Sprout," The chunky man spoke, hobbling over to stout woman, the whispers of conspiring following after him.

    "Alastor Moody, right?" Phoebe questioned, leaning closer to the Gryffindor and Hufflepuff, lowering the volume of her voice so she wouldn't be caught.

    "Most likely," Persephone answered with a shrug, leaning away from the blonde as soon as she finished talking, moving her eyes to the front where the two teachers were conspiring themselves.

    "Most likely?" Neville asked, his voice cracking as it became higher in pitch.

    "Well, we are wizards and witches," she smirked, shaking her head at the paranoid boy, "I'm only joking," she tried to calm him down, "I'm at least eighty-percent sure he's...him," she began, pretending to think about it as the teacher shooed the grumpy man away, once again trying rein in her class.

    "Alrighty," she started, looking down at the clipboard in her hands, balancing the clipboard on her hip, "it's time to start the year as we always do-" the professor was cut off by her students.

    "By partnering up!" They finished for her, friends grabbing onto each other's arms as they manifested the thought that they would be paired together, despite knowing that she chose the pairs herself so everyone could get to know each other.

    "I wonder what we're doing after," Persephone thought aloud, glancing to her left and right to look at Neville and Phoebe.

    "I guess we're about to find out," Phoebe replied, watching as unknown students glumly walked over to those they were paired off with.

    "Phoebe McGuire," Professor Sprout called out, glancing around for the tall blonde, smiling and beckoning her over with a hand once she spotted her, "and...Benjamin Wilt."

    "Not too shabby," Phoebe smiled, quickly wiping it off her face as she dragged her feet towards the stumbling Ravenclaw.

    "Hmmm, Persephone Grey and....oh, look at that," Pomona Sprout chuckled, glancing up towards the teen who had a confused look on her face at the sound, "Neville Longbottom," she finished, being drowned out as Persephone turned to the brunette with a large grin.

    "Well, howdy there partner," she grinned, putting on a bad southern accent and sending the nervous boy an over exaggerated wink.


    "Now I suppose you're wondering what we're doing," the teacher began, to which Persephone let out a firm nod of confirmation, "Well today, we're starting off with a little revision. Most of you in this class were in herbology last year - therefore you should know most of these on the sheet. Go through the greenhouse," she gestured to the large outdoor plantation room, "And inspect the plants. Remember, both of you need to have the answers, Malcom," she looked pointedly towards a small boy who's Gryffindor tie hung loosely around his neck, top button undone and round face painted with an offended expression as she disregarded him and sent them on their way.

    "Shall we?" Persephone handed Neville a piece of paper that she had briskly collected from the professor, taking his arm as she all but dragged him towards the back of the greenhouse, "We should start here," she said, looking down at the paper and then looking back up towards the prickly plant in front of them, "most people will start from the front, this way we can avoid the crowd."

    "Good idea," Neville agreed, searching for the answers as they investigated the worn leaves.

    "I know, I have many," the girl smirked, tossing her braided hair over her shoulder, "you'll come to learn that about me, Neville."

    "I've known you since second year," Neville added.

    "Then you've already come to learn that about me and you really shouldn't have to ask."


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