"Saix, I want a real assignment," I told him with my arms crossed. Larxene was there to support me, seeing as how we both agreed my talents were being wasted. I wanted to do more, and knew I was more than capable of doing more than I was.

"She should be doing the kind of work Riku was doing....with her powers of the darkness and all," Larxene put in....Riku?? The boy who saved me? What did she mean the kind of work he was doing?...was he ever in league...with...the darkness? He couldn't be..he was so nice..and caring...a little sarcastic but...how could someone like him..ever been involved with the darkness? But how did they know who Riku was? Did that mean they knew Sora too? Did Sora ever do this kind of work? Was Riku ever with the organization, and if so why did he leave? The organization...even if they didn't have hearts...were kind and there were many different personalities...they were like a family.

Saix placed his hand under his chin apparently seeming to think it over. "Well....since you seem to feel so strongly about it...

"I am.."

"Alright, I'll give you something simple...and if you do well and we see how it works....then you'll do these kinds of assignments, but Ayame, " he said as he stepped closer to me. "These kinds of things can get dangerous."

"I'll be fine."

"So be it. You can do your first one today then. You will go to a world called Atlantica, there is a woman....well a witch there, named Ursula. Xemnas wants to make a deal with her...to get her on our side...to get her to help us..."

"What kind of deal?"

"Well...she wants to conquer the kingdom...for being banished from Atlantica by King Trident and now resides in a cave just outside of the kingdom..offer to help her take over the kingdom by giving her power with darkness and in return, she will help the organization in whatever way she can, whenever we need it. We will need Ariel's heart."

"Why was she banished? And who's Ariel?"

He took a moment before answering. "I'm not sure..some say she was jealous of the King....some say he didn't like her advice...others say he simply banished her for her...inconvenience." he said then took a breath.

"Hmm he doesn't seem like a very nice King?"

"He doesn't. Ariel Is the King's daughter, acquiring her heart and the other six princesses of heart will help us complete Kingdom Hearts a little faster."

"I see, and who are the other princesses of heart?"

"I will explain it all later. Now go, and when you succeed," he smiled. "I will be sure to let Xemnas know, he will be grateful and think very highly of you. He will ask a lot of you Ayame...and when he comes to ask you himself it will be of dire importance. So don't ask questions, just do it." I nodded

"Finally, now my girl's getting some respect." Larxene added.

"So who will be coming with me?" I asked.

"I'll go with her," Larxene cheerfully offered. "It's been awhile since I've seen the eight legged witch." Eight legs??

"No, " Saix said as he held up his hand to her. "I think it's time Ayame handle something on her own. Don't you think Ayame?"

"Im sure I can take care of it," I said as I turned away and opened a portal.

"Say hi to Ursula for me, kay?" Larxene said. I turned to her and smiled.

"Ayame," I heard a familiar voice. I looked to see Renxsuke walking towards me. "Here, take this," he put a little dark purple orb in my hand. "I'm not sure exactly what it is...but maybe it could help you."

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