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I roll my eyes as I watched Vladimir and Stefan play with giant wolves.

"Mummy?" I looked down to my 5 year old daughter April. "Why are Stefan and Vlad playing with wolves?"

"Because there like children." I sigh as we continued to walk. "We're going to meet a lot of other vampires. Are you sure you will be alright?" I asked.

"Yes Mummy." I smiled down at her and grabbed her hand as we walked towards the two Vampires we had been with the past 4 and a half years.

"Stefan! Vladimir!" I yelled making them look at me. The wolves growled and turned to me. "Get down here and leave the wolves alone!" They jumped over and lowered there heads. The wolves growled at us, causing April to hid behind my leg. "We're looking for the Cullen's. We heard if what has happened. We wish to help." I said and they looked between each other before a blonde man with golden eyes appeared.

"Stefan. Vladimir. Your a long way from home." The man said.

"Are you a Cullen?" I asked.

"My name is Carlisle." I smiled.

"I'm Eaven. This is my daughter April. You know these two. We heard o what happened with your Coven. I wish to help. Those two wish to get themselves killed." I said and he looked to April.

"A child? Hybrid or Immortal?" He asked.

"I'm not a vampire. I'm a Banshee. April is my biological daughter and she is Stefan mate." I say with a small smile. April looked round my leg and looked at Carlisle. He smiled at her before motioning us to follow.

"I promise there is no immortal child here. She is a hybrid. She can show you herself." I nodded as we walked towards a big house with large windows covering the walls.

Vladimir and Stefan hissed at some others and I cleared my throat.

"What did I say this trip was?" I asked and April bit her lip to stop laughing.

"A chance to help someone. But-"

"No buts Vladimir. Behave or go back to Romania." I said and he lowered his head. I could hear others snickering. I looked around and they all just watched me and April.

"Mummy. I'm thirsty." I smiled and grabbed a bottle out my bag and opened it for her. She smiled and started to drink the blood.

"Hello." I looked up and saw a brunette girl, boy and a little girl. "I'm Edward. This is my wife Bella and our daughter Renesmee." I could hear her heart beet. I leaned in closer and took a deep breath.

"She really is a Hybrid." I smiled.

"Don't you want her to prove it?" Bella asked.

"I can tell by her blood. The smell is unique and a mix of two." I smiled and Bella pulled the girl closer. "Oh don't worry. It's not appetising in anyway. The vampire mix in the blood sort of ruins the taste. It would be like drinking acid." I said pulling a face. "Pulse she's a child. I don't harm children." I smiled.


I walked around after talking to a couple vampires and looked up at the night sky. I took a deep breath as I looked over to see Stefan and April playing with Renesmee and Jacob. I smiled before turning and walking through the woods. Even though Banshees eat humans we was very considerate when it came to animals. I giggled as I saw a dear and its baby. The baby was trying so desperately to walk on its own. I smiled as I watched. Soon the baby dear wobbled after its mum, slowly figuring out how to walk properly.

"Come on." I heard a voice and I felt my eyes glow red. I saw a dark red line and hurried after it. There was an angry man glaring at a little boy. "Get up you brat!" He growled before kicking the boy.

"I don't want too." He sobbed.

"Get up now." The man grabbed the boys hair and I saw the baby the boy was protecting in his arms. I snapped and ran over grabbing the mans wrist. He turned to me but I threw him away from the kids. I turned to the kids and helped them up.

"Run." I said and he nodded running as fast as he could with the small baby. I turned to the man and growled. "I don't like people who abuse there children." He just looked at me holding his dislocated shoulder. I was next to him in seconds and I grabbed his neck. Holding him up with his feet off the ground. In a quick motion I snapped his neck and he fell to the ground with a thud. I could hear his slow hear beer and I used my nails to push into his chest, ripping out his heart. I heard a gagging noise and looked over seeing Jacob stood there.

"I had reason." I said and walked away from him to begin my meal. I ate quickly before going back and saw April standing over the body. She looked up with red eyes.

"Mummy, I'm so hungry." She had teared up and I smiled. I kneeled down and ripped out the mans lungs and April happily ate. I smiled before looking around. "Clean up?" I looked to April and nodded.

"Clean up. You go ahead and go back to the house." I grabbed the mans leg and began to pull the man soon we found a bear. I dragged the man closer before the bear saw and walked over. I walked away and the bear dragged the man off. I walked back to the house only to find a blonde Cullen talking to April. She looked over and pointed at me. The girl pulled a face as I walked over.

"Do you feel better now?" I smiled at April.

"Yep. Are the boy and baby okay?" She asked and I saw the confused look on the girls face.

"Yes baby. I called the police on the way here. They'll be okay now. Why don't you go fine Vladimir and get cleaned up." She nodded before slipping off to find her best friend.

"How could you?" I turned back to the blond.

"Excuse me?" I asked.

"How can you kill innocent people? And teach you daughter that it's right. How could you live with yourself-"

"I'm just going to say this. I'm a Banshee. I have to eat people or I'll die. It's the same with April. So we kill those who deserve it. We never go for pregnant women, children or innocent people." I explain.

"Can't you kill animals instead? Like us?" She asked.

"...Banshee's are very friendly with animals. It's in our nature to love all animals. It's why we get on with shifters and werewolves." I say with a small smile.

"If your talking about Banshee's we would also like to know about them." I looked over to see a large group of vampires.

"I guess I can explain some things." I said with a small smile. I looked to Vladimir who nodded. He took April to get cleaned up with Carlisle.

"Well let me think. What is it would you like to know?" I asked.

"Everything you know. None of us have seen a Banshee. It's incredibly hard to find one." Tanya said.

"Well I know everything." I smiled.

"How is that possible?" Carmine asked.

"I was there at the beginning." I said. "I'll explain."

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