Henning Weigand From Hamburg

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Hello folks. Meet Henning Weigand here. Henning weigand is from hamburg area of Germany. Henning provides his services in Corporate Governance, Risk Management and Assurance in Hanburg and also in other countries. He has a lot of experience in his field.

Some of work his work experience details are as following:-

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Some of work his work experience details are as following:-

SIA Asia-Pacific Downstream
Royal Dutch Shell Group Audit provides objective and independent assurance on the design and operation of the system of risk management, corporate governance and internal controls to the executive committee and the board of the RDS Group.
Key tasks include the review and evaluation of the design and effectiveness of the control framework, providing independent consulting and advisory on risk management and corporate governance processes across all lines of business in the Shell Group globally.
Unlike many other audit organisations, Shell Internal Group Audit looks far beyond aspects like finance and compliance, focusing more on business structures, processes, strategy and operations.

Shell Global Commercial :-

eCommerce Marketing Manager

Responsible for managing eCommerce activities in Commercial business functions of Shell in the Europe North and West cluster. Core aspects include the management of 3 staff eCommerce team, the development and implementation of the eCommerce strategy, the increase of eCommerce tool usage by Corporate customers, the increase of customer satisfaction and loyalty, the development and enhancement of new eCommerce tools.

Shell Switzerland :-

Strategic Planner Austria & Switzerland

• Retail investment- and location Planner responsible for the markets Austria & Switzerland.
• Lead in retail network strategy; Responsible for all growth and optimization activities.
• Responsibility for investment activities in retail division in both markets.
• Major achievements in the Shell Migrolino Deal in Switzerland & Strategic lever team Germany.
• Project lead for successful Austria Motorway Revitalization Program.

Shell Germany :-

Business Analyst

• Lead in various projects in Retail Sales & Operations and Marketing.
• Analysis, definition and implementation of business processes and marketing toolkits.
Roland Berger :-
Associate visiting consultant
Projects in industries Steel Trading, Consumer Goods and Private Equity.

Volkswagen China :-

Graduand Procurement & Logistics

Volkswagen Group. Beijing & Shanghai
Graduand, Procurement (2004/2005)
• Assistance on setup of a China branch for the Volkswagen subsidiary 'Autovision'.
• Organization of the 2005 China global sourcing workshop of Volkswagen, Audi and Bentley.
Trainee, Logistics Department (2002)
• Operational logistics outsourcing process of Shanghai Volkswagen as project team member.

Allianz China Life Insurance Co.Ltd :-

Trainee, Marketing Department

• Assistance on development of Marketing strategy with focus on communications and distribution.

Dresdner Bank AG :-

Trainee, Corporate and Markets Department / Investment banking Customer Relationship Management

• Management of an enhancement program for corporate clients CRM system

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