Roman Reigns

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"Roman hurry up we don't want to be late" Aaliyah said as there 5 year old daughter jumped on the bed
"Give me a few more minutes" he rolled around
"Come on dad I don't want to be late to my first day of school" Alexis jump on top of him
"Fine I'm up go get your stuff ready" Roman told her leaving the two grown ups alone
"Can you believe its her first day at school?" He said quietly
"No I actually can't believe she's 5 years old" she sighed and kissed roman on the cheek
"You need to get up now" she chuckled and walked away

Aaliyah turned off the car as they got there
"Alright we're here" she said looking over at Alexis
"Are you ready for your big day baby?"
"I can't wait to make new friends!" She said
"Come on I don't want to be late!" Roman chuckled and got off the car opening the door for Alexis
"Ok I'll pick you up after school ok. Don't get on with anyone else"
"I know mom..are you not coming in?" She asked
"I'll be right here. I don't want to cry in front of all those parents" Alexis giggled
"Ok bye mommy I love you" she said hugging her
"Come on dad the kids are already going in" She said dragging him off to the building

Aaliyah sighed as she waved one last time to her little girl.
"liyah what are your thoughts on Roman Cheating on you?" she heard
"What are you doing here? I don't have time for this." she said getting in the car and hoping they would leave. Out of all the times the paparazzi need an Interview they had to do it at this time on her daughter's frist day of school

Roman came back to the car. He saw that the paparazzi were there taking pictures
"Roman do you have words? why did you cheat?" Roman didn't answer he went straight to the and turned it on
"No don't talk to me" she said not looking at him
"Listen I."
"Roman not right now"

As they arrived home Roman didn't know what to say
"is it true?" She asked
"Yes. But it was stupid I was drunk"
"Don't... We need a break" she said walking out of the house
"I'll pick up Alexis don't expect us back" Roman felt his heart break he didn't understand how this happened

It's been a week Roman has tried calling Aaliyah but she never picked up.
"Dammit" he said throwing the phone across the room. He got up and started to walk to the bedroom but before he could even step in he heard the door bell ring
"Aaliyah what are you doing here"
"I Seth told me you didn't show up to work"
"Oh..come in" she stepped and noticed the Phone
"Listen Aaliyah I'm so fucking sorry I did this to you. I know I can't make it up. It was a mistake" Aaliyah sighed and looked down
"I miss you but your going to have to earn my trust back it's not going to be easy. You know I've been hurt before."
"I know..just please come back home I miss you and Alexis" She smiled a little and hugged him
"I love you Aaliyah. I promise I wouldn't hurt you again."

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