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Update 031719: Golden dawn will be under revision for a couple of weeks. This is due to my writing skills in tagalog. I'll be making this book all English. Don't worry the plots are just as dope but I need to change the language so it'll be easier for me to make chapters. And to make it up to you, check out this video in the header.

Update 032419: English translation is done! Enjoy the fully loaded adventures with Red and her friends in English. I didn't expect that it'll only took a week for me to translate it, have a great time campers! Oh and you might notice some changes along with it.

Update 021420:
Happy Valentine's Day everyone! March is quickly approaching and Golden Dawn is already starting to go up in flames. Thank you for all your support 😀 High Noons is rising to the shores in just a few blinks away 😁


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