Chapter One

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The lack of sunlight made me shiver as I exited the plane. I knew a sweater would have been helpful, but my grandma said I wouldn't need it for the trip.

I already knew without looking in a mirror that my wavy black hair, once neatly pushed back in a fishtail braid, was now most likely had baby hairs poking out in every direction. My light purple fitted shirt and leggings thankfully looked to have survived the trip along side my Ugg boots.

I pushed up my carry along bag back up my shoulder, looking for my grandmother, Sinthia Revver. And of course when I spot her she is impeccably dressed, spotless black blazer and matching pencil skirt with glossy black pumps. Her rich blue silk button up matched her ocean deep eyes, drawing you in with a sense of warmth. Her dark brown hair was parted down the middle and pulled into a tight clip, acting as a hair tie. She may seem like she's all work and yes she is, but she loves me to death.

When she saw me, looking up from her phone, her eyes widened as she hasn't seen me since my tenth birthday. I ran across the boarding gate to hug her, dropping my bag on the floor next to me.

"Trinity! Dear god, look how tall you are!" She exclaimed, pulling me into a bone wrenching hug.

"Can't. Breathe." I gasped out slightly breathless.

"Sorry dear but I just haven't seen you since--"

"Since I was ten, I know. You tell me every time we're on the phone." I roll my eyes, picking my bag back up. I laughed as a small blush rose in her cheeks. It was quite an accomplishment to make my grandmother, stone cold lawyer with no visible emotion, blush.

"Yeah yeah, let's go get your luggage." Grandma pushed my shoulder, chuckling. I remember sitting on her lap on the front porch of her old house, laughing at something stupid we said. The memory made me smile as she led me to the luggage pickup. I had most of my clothes and things sent a week ago but some things I had to bring with me on the plane.


The car ride was over an hour long trip of neither of us speaking to one another. Grandma was on the phone the whole time, arguing with her boss about a case I assume. This is exactly why I wasn't happy about moving to West Virginia. Grandma was always arguing on the phone or out of the house six out of the seven days in a week. By the time we got to her house, a average sided Victorian style home with bay window, her room. My grandma makes a lot of money but she's wise with it, not throwing it around just because she has it. She has several accounts with various amounts saved in them: my college fund, retirement, random savings, and vacations.

I climbed out of the Mercedes Benz she had, walking to the trunk where my four suitcases were. I grabbed two of them, keeping my duffel bag around my shoulder. My grandma got the other two and helped me up the stairs. She pointed out a room on the other end of the hall, two doors and a bathroom in between us.

"I'll leave you to get settled. Come downstairs whenever you get done." And then she was gone, going down the stairs to her study probably.

First I went into the bathroom, placing my toiletries under the sink. When I saw my reflection I was scared not going to lie. As I thought, my one smooth hair was now a frizzy black rat's nest. Not helping with the fact my hair was down to my hips, making the thick hair look even worse in its current state. My pale green eyes were red with irritation and my usually warm ivory skin was pale and I had purplish bags under my eyes. Sighing, I went back to my room and got out some pajamas from my bag along with a towel, I also grabbed a grey sports bra and black lace panties.

The hot steam from the shower felt so good against my skin that I forgot how long I had been in there. Quickly washing my body and hair, I rinsed off and shut the water off. Shivering, I grabbed the black towel on the counter and wrapped it tightly around my body. I pulled my hair dryer out from under the sink and plugged it in. Then I dried off and pulled on my bra and panties. I plugged in my hair dryer, thoroughly drying my hair into its natural wave. I braided it quickly: two on either side of my head to keep it from tangling at night.

I walked back into my new room and actually looked around for once. The walls were a light grey and the floor was hard wood. There's a fuzzy white rug in the center of the room, partially covered by the full sized bed in the center of the bed, a nightstand in between the wall and bed. The curtains were sheer white, one window was set on the side of my bed and the other was a slightly long one across from the door. My bed sheets were grey and white along with several fuzzy blankets that I love. The room also had a fairly large desk and closet, and a tv hung on the wall directly in front of my new bed.


Humming quietly I hung all my clothes in the large closet, then my shoes when at the bottom in rows. I set up my desk with my laptop and school bag, and my art supplies.

When all the important stuff was finished I went on to personalizing my new room a little more to fit my style. I put up some framed pictures of me and my old friends, my parents, and a few of me and grandma. Finally happy with my work I went downstairs to eat. My grandma was at the kitchen island, filing through folders of cases. She obviously didn't hear me come in as she didn't acknowledge my presence.

"Hey." I said when I was closer to the island. She jumped damn near off her chair, clutching her chest. I gasped, not expecting her to jump so much.

"God dammit Trinity! Don't do that." She gasped. I laughed a little, sitting at the island chair next to her's.

"I have to go to the offices for a few weeks honey. I know and I am so sorry, but I wanted to give you something before I left."

"When are you leaving?" I look at her sadly, I hadn't seen her in person in almost eight years and now she's leaving again.

"Let's not worry about that now. Follow me honey." She grabbed my hand lightly, pulling out the back door to the garage.

"Close your eyes." She commanded. I obeyed, sighing as I did so.

After a minute of ruffling, the garage door opened and I heard more rustling inside of it. Grandma's heels made a little clank noise every time she stepped. Clank. Clank. Clank.

"Open!" She sounded awfully excited.

When my eyes opened my jaw fell open. In front of me was a beige Chrysler PT Cruiser. Holy shit.

"You like?" Grandma sounded nervous. I ran up and hugged her, thanking her over and over.

"I love it grams. Thank you so much." I released her and looked at my new car.

"I'm glad." She still didn't seem all that relieved.

"When are you leaving?" I turned to face her. By her expression looks like I figured out why she was tense.

"In a few minutes. I'm so sorry but I'll be back before the end of the month." She held my face in her hands.

"No no, it's fine grams. Go, I'll be fine. I'll call before bed every night and check in. I love you, now go kick some ass." I smile and walk her to her own car. Before she left, she gave me the keys to my new baby.

"Bye honey." She gave me one last hug before climbing in her car. I watched sadly as she pulled out of the driveway and down the street. I didn't move for about five minutes until it started getting a little dark outside.


I climbed in my new bed and snuggled up the covers. A coldness lingered over me, making me shiver. I checked to make sure the windows were shut and they were. Sighing I went back to bed, letting the jet lag and exhaustion take over me.

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