Set Assistant Part 3

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Two updates within about a day, yes! Really feeling it the last few nights, so I know I should get them out there while I'm feeling it. lol. This may (or may not) be the last part of this short story. I have so many ideas for stories, but I'm trying to pace myself so I don't just throw out just any writing and it be half-assed. Btw, I based this story off of the interview Florian did with his friend Leon. Florian said he really did struggle mentally throughout filming due to the deep emotional investment and pain from past experiences that he had to channel. I appreciate how real and he got in the interview and it was inspiring enough for me to come up with this story. So hope you all enjoy!

My chest felt tight and I could hear my rising pulse in my ears as I put the car in park in Florian's driveway. My palms were already becoming sweaty underneath the leather of the steering wheel. It only took a few moments before Florian quickly exited the house and hastily approached the car. His white hoodie was still pulled up over his head and his hands were buried deep in the pockets of the black Nike track pants that clung lowly on his muscular hips.

I watched him the whole time he climbed into the seat of my car and kept eyes on him as the interior light slowly went out after he had closed the door. He gradually turned his head to look at me and we made eye contact. I couldn't help how those deep eyes lured me in.

"So.. where are we going?"

I spoke softly as to not surprise him from breaking the silence. He looked down at his lap and spoke at the same volume I had.

"I don't know.. I just know I can't be in that house right now.. alone."

My soul hurt at hearing this admission. I had known already that he was suffering from the loneliness, but knowing it and hearing it from him were two different things. I knew where we were going already, but asking him for an idea was just me being polite. I put the car in reverse and drove back the way I had just came from. Florian was quiet and watched out the front window as we drove away from the neighborhood he had been occupying.

The street and city lights lit the interior of the car enough to for me to keep at eye on his body posture. I was pretty confident in my ability to read Florian's body language, so it came as a relief to see that he at ease with the car ride to a mystery location. I had trained my eyes back on the road when I saw Florian's large hand casually reach over to mine that had been laying lazily on my thigh. He gently intertwined our fingers together as he pulled my hand over the center console and laid our hands on his thigh. I glanced over to see him studying our connected hands as he spoke up.

"I am sorry."

I kept my eyes on the road as I took in his words thoroughly before replying.

"Why are yo-"

"I know that my mood has affected you. I see in your eyes. It's not anything you did, it is just me."

I felt like he'd been hearing all my thoughts from the past few days because he was absolutely on point with what I hoped to hear. I felt relief wash over me at the realization that it truly wasn't anything I did that was making Florian act the way he was. I squeezed his hand in understanding, and watched as his face softened and the edges of his mouth crept up ever so slightly into a smile.

I'd be lying if I said I hadn't enjoyed holding hands the remainder of the car ride. Florian's thumb had found a comfortable rhythm in rubbing circles over the back of my hand. It was both relaxing and reassuring. But it was also confusing. I assumed he was doing this just as a comfort. We had never discussed feelings toward each other, nor did I want to and it become awkward or weird if the same feelings weren't shared by both parties. I would also be lying if I said I hadn't grown a crush on the German/Romanian giant that I'd been working with for the past month and a half. It was hard not to feel something more for such a unique and special man.

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