Time passes by quickly. In time, the people we know becomes the people we knew, and the memories we had with them will be the only thing that's left.. but we can't control our minds-- our minds control us so.. it might fade away soon. So if I were you, I'd cherish every moment with the people I consider special in my life. Take pictures and videos with them, you'll never know when you will forget them.

I'd use my time wisely and not regret every second of my life. Sure, regretting some things is normal but, it already happened. Regretting is useless, for what's done has been done. Nothing can give you the power to turn back the clock. Past is past. All you have to do is move on and take every obstacle in our lives important because what lies ahead are lessons that will help us in the future.

I'd also say things that should be said because the words that you've left unsaid are surely the ones that will haunt you the longest. Speak your minds and free your hearts so that in the future, you won't sit there and think, "I should've said it.. but I couldn't now." Always remember. Nothing hurts more than the regrets of ‘what could have been’. In the end, we only regret the chances we didn't take.

I'd do things that would make me happy even though I'd look silly with it because it's once in a lifetime chance. Time's fast and once it's lost.. we can't get it back. In the end, we only regret the chances that we didn't take.

And lastly, I know, one day, I'll die like everyone else. So don't just sit there and waste time, instead, know the value of it. 

I know, someday, there would be moments in your life, wherein the past is better than the present, wherein the present is so cruel and wherein the future would be useless for us to see anymore. There would be such times that we would wish to turn back time..

..but sadly, unfortunately, dismally and tragically.. you can't.

And you have to know..

Everything you have will be gone someday.


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