Yandere! Dabi

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She hoped to god that they weren't following her again. It might have just been her paranoid mind playing tricks on her, but she had a feeling someone (or something) was following her. She always had anxiety, but this was different. At times she swore she could hear footsteps. She refused to believe it was a stalker, however. This was mostly due to her low self esteem. She was quirkless, unoriginal, and just a normal person.
Whether she was being stalked or not, she was still scared beyond belief.

Sleep would help. At least she hoped it would.


Apparently sleeping made it worse.

Her breathing stopped as she caught sight of two blazing blue eyes staring right at her. The dumbest thing? She couldn't move. She couldn't scream. She just stared back with fearful eyes.
Suddenly, the lights in her room turned on, revealing the bringer of her nightmares.

He was terrifying.

He was tall, black hair that looked like newly burnt ashes. His icy blue eyes were bright, staring down at her with a predatory look in them. His face was what scared her the most.
He looked, in simple terms, like he was burned alive.

He stepped forward, smirking when (Y/n)'s eyes widened in fear.

"Don't you worry, I won't hurt you. At least, not in the way you think I will."

She fainted before he could explain further.

She was too scared to hear what he had to say.

(BEHOLD, I AM NOT DEAD! Anyway, I have a few more chapters in the making so they'll be out soon.

Dabi is a burnt chicken nugget)

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