Part 6

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The Professor sent me on my way after giving me the run-down of how things would work out for me now that I was a pokemon trainer, trusting your partners, and yadda yadda yadda-- I don't need a lecture on these sort of things!

He also mentioned to me oh-so-casually that his son, Brendan, would be somewhere in Oldale Town where the nearest Pokemon Center and Pokemart would be-- also suggesting I stop there to either stock up on items or become acquainted with the Pokemon Center.

So why am I sitting on the grass with my back facing a tree so desperately trying to get Mudkip to pay attention to me?

While I wave my hands toward his face, he finds better interest with chasing his own fin or bounding toward random Caterpies.

It seems there is a communication issue between us.

Defeated, I decide to flip through my new signing book to practice my hand gestures when I find a section dedicated to communicating with your pokemon. Bingo!

Becoming acquainted with a pokemon is a difficult feat to one who is unable to announce their presence as easy as it would be for someone else, but it is not impossible. Certain studies have found that these actions can be conveyed to a pokemon that you would like them to focus their attention on you and establish friendship.

Make sure the pokemon is within five yards toward you, at leastSnap your fingers in their direction, once to get their attention, twice for them to stay focused on youWhen they are looking at you bring your forefinger toward your chest, insinuating pointingThey should now be fully focused on you, open your palm towards their face and let them come to youThey will put their head in or near your palm. Be extra gentle with them as to not scare them away or hurt themBe still, when they have decided they trust you enough to keep their attention on you they will cry out toward you and motion towards you as if wanting to play​​​​​​​Continue with desired action​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

This seemed very plausible, but I had no idea what my desired action would be--should I teach him battling? Should I play with him more? I should have payed more attention in my Battle Tactics class, I'm positive they went over these things.

I decided to give it a shot, though.

Mudkip was now rolling around on his back and having the time of is life. Cute.

I put on my best game face, kneeled and snapped my fingers towards him. Once, twice. He was looking at me now, waiting for something to happen.

Shaking, I raised my forefinger toward myself then slowly extending my open palm towards him. He didn't seem to understand, but I kept my hand up. Now he was bounding toward me on his small legs, making croaking sounds with each leap.

He put his head near my fingers and I could feel his dorsal fin brush against their tips. Cool and slightly rough. He seemed ready to press his face into my shaking fingers when I suddenly hear a twig snap near my side.

Mudkip's attention broken and now directed toward what had made the sound in the first place. Now I had to look--

Oh. It's Brendan. With his own partner I recognized as a Treeko. The both of them looking down on us as if we had no reason to be here.

"Oh. I was trying to actually be able to leave this goddamn place without running into weirdos like you," he monotoned.

I couldn't believe this boy had the nerve to walk up to us and act like we sought him out to pester him and act like we wanted to tag along. I gave him a poison-laced glare.

He seemed to be unfazed by it though, since he then mumbled that he should, "Might as well tell you about the PokeNav, and give it to you." It seems like he had sought me out instead. Sheesh, this guy was actually pretty weird.

I huffed and got up, waiting for him to continue speaking.

He walked closer to my and plopped a shiny orange device in my hand-- it looked somewhat similar to the Pokedex. "It'll help you get started with your travels," he mumbled, not making eye contact. "It already comes installed with apps like the DexNav-- which can tell you what pokemon in the area are near and such. But you gotta encounter them first, I think."

He continued talking about the device, while I listened intently. He may be a jerk, but he sure does know his stuff.

He ended the encounter with, "You better not slow me down like this in the future, got it?" Before I could react he was already power-walking away from me. Did he not understand that he approached me in the first place, or am I just going crazy? I sighed and put the PokeNav away.

Mudkip reminded me of his presence with a whine as he looked at me with his small eyes. I smiled at him and crouched down to pet his head. I would get Mudkip to trust me, even if I had to move mountains to do so. We have so many things to look forward to together, battles, meeting Gym Leaders, and hopefully Hoenn's Champion. And my veins pumped with determination at the thought.

We will do it all as a team.


Late update on my part, but I've been so stressed lately and writing more was a fun outlet. I hope this chapter was worth the while (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑

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