~Part 7~

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~Hey guys I'm back for now, I hope this update is worth the wait. Enjoy. ^-^~

'I shouldn't have let Yoongi come to this place alone, I hope he is okay.' Taehyung stood outside Jimin's house trying to build up the courage to enter, "Okay Tae, breathe. You have to do this, for Yoongi's sake. Hwaiting!" he said to himself reaching for the door handle to let himself in as stealthily as he could. Taehyung opened the door as slowly as possible and crept down the hallway towards Jimin's room. 'Thank Jisoos I have been Yoongi's friend for so long. At least I know my way round this hellhole' He thought as he continued slowly moving down the hall, until a very disturbing faint sound caused him to stop dead in his tracks. Taehyung begun to tremble as muffled sounds of struggling and whimpering floated down the hall. 'Please tell me that isn't Yoongi making those sounds. Come on Byun Taehyung get moving. You have to save Yoongi, or whoever is making that sound.' Taehyung took two more steps forwards before Jimin's voice disrupted his thoughts. "I thought I told you to be a good boy, I'm going to have to punish you now." There was a brief moment of silence followed by a weak muffled scream and whimpers, "Oh fuck, you are so tight Yoongi. Look at your face, you're nothing but a dirty little slut." Hearing this Taehyung gasps in shock and stumbles a few more rushed steps forwards reaching the door to Jimin's room. 

~Inside Jimin's room~

"How could you ever think you could leave me. You can't find anyone better than me. Who is gonna fuck you like me?" Jimin said as he roughly pushed his cock deeper into Yoongi's entrance causing tears to fall from the older males eyes "Who could ever love you? You are so weak, look at you, crying like a baby while your younger takes advantage of you. You are pathetic!" He spat, too distracted by the powerless male underneath him to notice the figure stood in his bedroom doorway. "Get off of him!" Taehyung screamed, startling both Yoongi and Jimin  "I love him and he is certainly not pathetic!" These word caused a rage to build within Jimin "You stay there. I'm going to sort this then I'm coming back to finish what I started." Jimin said climbing off Yoongi and stepping back into his pants. "How dare you disturb me Byun Taehyung!" Jimin said following Taehyun out into the hallway, closing the door behind him. All Yoongi could hear outside the room was muffled thumps and grunts as if there was a big fight going on in the hallway, this lasted about 5 minutes before Yoongi heard the bedroom door creak open and scrunched his eyes shut in fear. "Hey, Yoongi." Taehyung softly whispered, "It's me, you are okay. Baekhyun is taking Jimin to the police station as we speak, you will never have to see him again." Yoongi slowly un scrunched his eyes as Taehyung removed the gag from his mouth and removed the handcuffs holding him to the bed before flinging his arms round the older male. "Yoongi-ya, are you okay? Lemme find you some clothes." He said, jumping up and scurrying around the room gathering clothes for Yoongi before helping Yoongi dress. "I am never letting you out of my sight again" Taehyung threw his arms around Yoongi, who still hadn't said a word since Tae entered the room. The young males stayed wrapped in each others embrace for 30 minutes before Yoongi finally spoke "Thank you Tae Tae, I don't know what would have happened if you hadn't arrived when you did." "No need to thank me Yoongi" Tae grabbed Yoongi's chin between his thumb and forefinger looking deep into his eyes and leaning towards him, "I love you Min Yoongi" "I love you too Byun Taehyung" Taehyung closed the space between himself and Yoongi placing his lips on the older males and the two young lovers shared a slow and gentle, loving first kiss...

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