Part 1 • Meghan

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Meghan Polinsky's POV.
Day 1, early morning

Shirt, Jeans, Toothbrush, Bras, Underwear, Hairbrush, Toothpaste, Dress, Dress shirts, dress pants and.... and...

"What am I missing?" I say out loud while tapping my foot anxiously on the hardwood floor of my apartment in New York.

"Deodorant," Taylor yelled while not looking up from her sports magazine.

"I already packed deodorant..." I said chewing on my bottom lip looking at my almost full suitcase of things I probably won't need regardless of what I think about them.

"No, as in put some on. I can smell you from over here." Taylor says while still not looking up from her magazine. Even though I could practically see her smiling and scrunching her nose behind the thin sheets of paper.

I rolled my eyes and snatched the deodorant from the old dresser next to my bed.

After application of the necessary, I walked into my closet and lifted my shirt above my head and tossed the green sweat-soaked tee into my already full hamper.

I turned to my hangers to look for a new shirt to wear on the plane. Something comfortable but not too sloppy. I want to look respectable since the first person who would see me is my boyfriend. He always says a girl looks nice when she dresses conservatively. I don't always agree with that but I like him so I go along with his likings. I hope going to see him isn't a mistake. I really miss Nico but Considering I haven't seen him in 11 months I don't know if things might be weird between us. It's the longest we have ever been apart. My nursing job in New York definitely keeps us away from one another with his engineering team that's 13 hours away.

I hope he misses me. Of course, he misses you, you've been dating for 4 years. My subconscious whole heartily reminds me. I hate never knowing what mood he's in. Especially over text, but that won't last long because I'll run into his arms at the airport. Like how that happens in every movie.

One thing I haven't told Taylor was that a few weeks ago before I planned this trip. Nico called and said he cheated on me. But I forgave him. Because all he said was that he accidentally kissed a girl at a club because he was drunk. So I made this trip to see him, and hopefully get us closer.

He's been so busy with work lately and I don't expect him to make much time for me, but that's okay as long as I get to see him.

I glance over my options in my closet once more. I have to leave for that airport in an hour and I don't have time to go shopping. None of these tops will look good regardless and I'd rather not wear my scrubs or pajamas.

Pajamas!! That's what I'm forgetting. I pull open a drawer and take out three sets of PJs hoping it will suffice for two weeks.

I toss all three pairs in the suitcase and zip it up. I have to sit on it though to get it to closed but I'm sure it will be fine. I walk back into the closet and feel myself giving up already. I let out a sigh and take my pants off and just settle for a blue romper. I slip on a pair of brown sandals while also putting a few hair ties on my wrist in case I needed them later on the plane. I fixed my hair in the mirror.

Looking in the mirror feels endless. A space in which it's just me looking back at me. I move my head slightly to look out the window of my bedroom unfortunately for my case, this unforgiving sun of early May casts a beam of light straight into my eyes making me shut them fast and step away from the mirror.

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