31 | Dante Albidone

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(Their live was so adorable I-)"Basically I keep having this idea in my head where you're a really famous marvel actress and you do a q&a live-stream and someone asks who your crush is blah blah blah"

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(Their live was so adorable I-)
"Basically I keep having this idea in my head where you're a really famous marvel actress and you do a q&a live-stream and someone asks who your crush is blah blah blah"

"Is this thing on? Hi guys!" You waved at your phone screen as thousands of people started joining at once.

It was pretty obvious who you were, you were one of the main cast members from Avengers infinity war and one of the youngest actresses on the set, you were only 16. You had also just had a role in Captain Marvel, leaving you pretty popular

"I just came off set, so I was wondering if you guys wanted to do a little q&a!"

The questions went okay, with things such as: 'what got you into acting?' 'What roles did you have before marvel?' 'What's your favourite food' and 'Who have you enjoyed working with on set?'

Until it got to a different question.

"Okay, so @R/u asks, who's your celebrity crush? Oh how did I know this question was going to come up?" You laughed, as chat messages came up like 'Tell us tell us!'

You chuckled, and leaned forward slightly. "Well, he's on a new show on Netflix, called the umbrella academy. I don't know his name, but he plays one of the flashback kids"

For who?

"I think it was young Klaus? I just don't know his name" you blushed, seeing a chat message pop up

Wait, isn't his name Dante?

You blinked a couple of times. "Yeah, I think that's him! Please don't go after him though. But I think we've run out of time- bye guys" you waved off, before sighing and running a hand through your knotted hair and launching to the couch

It was getting pretty late, so you decided to spend the night in your trailer.



Eden, Tj, Ethan, Blake and Dante were on a live stream, when someone asked;

Have you guys seen captain marvel yet?

Tj clapped her hands. "I went to see it with my friends! I loved the cat, and the girl! Do you guys know y/n l/n? She's so awesome!" They all cheered

"Wasn't she also in infinity war?" Blake asked as Eden nodded.

Guess what she said about you guys! Well, one of you guys a fan typed.

Eden looked at her phone confused. "Y/n knows who we actually are?"

Duh! And get this, she said she had a celebrity crush on Dante!

The chat blew up, and Ethan noticed all the chat messages. "No way! Looks like you have an admirer, Dante!" The two boys cheered as Dante just blushed.

"Oohhh he's blushing!" Tj laughed

We're not kidding. Did you guys miss her live-stream?

Eden and Tj shared a look, and they bought it up on their phones. In particular, the crush part.

The girls screamed in excitement. "It's true! You go Dante!"

Would you date her?

Dante grabbed Edens phone, replaying the moment over and over again. Y/n L/n actually knew who he was! "I mean, she's hot. So I guess I would" He laughed as the chat exploded with



You two would be so cute together!

You should message her! X

Eden nodded in agreement. "Message her!" The others began saying and he grabbed his phone, still red in the face, and began messaging the girl he really liked.


You woke up the next morning, to Brie slamming on your trailer door. You groaned, pulling yourself up and glaring at her


She smiled. "Good morning to you too sunshine. You need to be on set" Rolling your eyes, you changed and headed to set with her

"So who's that guy from your livestream?" She playfully nudged your arm, making you blush.

"He's no one, Brie. Just a simple crush, that's all"

"You blush over hearing his name. I wouldn't call that just a crush. You should message him!" Brie suggested, making you immediately shake your head.

"Absolutely not. There's no way he'd like me" The two of you arrived on set, as you were called to hair and makeup. But before you left, "I wouldn't be so sure about that y/n" Brie winked, before turning and walking down the other corridor

You were getting your makeup done, and what Brie said spiralled through your mind. You gave in, clicking on your Instagram, but it seems you already had a message


You gasped, but smiled a second later. You had to respond. Be chill, not desperate

Hey, sorry about what happened on the Live...

'Typing...' your eyes scanned the screen. You're not used to people replying back so quick

It's not your fault. In any case, I'm flattered to know you like me.

I'm a huge fan of the Umbrella Academy! You guys were awesome!

I'm glad you liked it. So, if you do actually like me...when are you free?

You blushed. Would he actually wanna meet you? Like, in person?

Well I'm filming for the rest of this week, then I'm free for a little bit

Awesome. I'd love to meet you

That'd be really nice x

The woman doing your makeup looked over your shoulder. "Got a little admirer huh?" You grinned, and nodded slightly.

Saturday? I'll take you out. I'll be there at 7 x

It's a date😊

Without giving him time to respond, you screamed and hugged the makeup artist in excitement and shoved your phone back in your pocket, and got your makeup finished


It was after set, and you were watching a show in your trailer, when you got a knock on your door. 3 times. Brie.

"Hey! Did you talk to him?" You nodded as she cheered and pulled you into a hug. "I'm so happy for you!"

"We're meeting Saturday, he's taking me out" Brie's jaw almost his the ground

"No. Way! Aw, y/n, this is so awesome! I'm SO helping you pick out your outfit!" You laughed and nodded, as Brie turned to go to her own trailer and you sat back on your couch

Maybe the whole Livestream idea was smart after all...

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