Chapter 8

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Chapter Eight 

I should have known that this would happen. I've lived my whole life in this world of gossip, no privacy and paparazzi and yet I still haven't learned.

Sitting on the sofa in my living room with Mitch beside me, we paused flicking through TV channels the moment we noticed my face.

Having got home hours beforehand, Dean and Kasey has retreated to his room, a weird tension in the air between us, yet the topic of their travels hadn't been brought up again and Dean had started talking to Mitch the moment we had sat back in the booth, using him as a distraction, which I was happy enough about.

"A week after reports of the breakup between Hollywood newcomer Cole Hudson and Skylar Reed, a lot of gossip has been spreading, up until now mainly being focused on the fact Cole was seen with his ex not even a day after their breakup," the presenter says, turning slightly as the picture with Cole and his ex come on screen. A bad feeling builds in my stomach, yet I can't pinpoint what it's about. "Fans have rushed to defend the young actress, saying how out of line it was of him to do that, however, it seems Skylar isn't as innocent as she first appears."

"I hate this show." Mitch mutters beside me, "why's this any of their business?"

I want to agree, yet before I get a chance to the screen changes to a picture of Mitch and me outside Cole's house last week. We are kissing and even though you can't see his face, my blonde hair is caught in the moonlight, which also happens to capture the side of my face.

"This image was leaked only a few hours ago showing Skylar herself not only lip locking with another man on Cole's driveway but it was taken on the night of his birthday party in Malibu last week, the night they reportedly broke up. While the photo makes it unclear of the man she is with, many people are starting to question the real reason Cole and Skylar broke up. Those close with Cole have admitted that the young couple saw very little of one another due to her living in New York and him in Malibu and that they hadn't actually seen each other for weeks before his party. Gossip only grew, however, two hours after this photo was leaked when another set of images were leaked of Skylar in New York today."

My eyes widen as a photo of Mitch and I sitting in my car outside the cafe comes up, again my hair and side of my face being shown, yet Mitch's baseball hat thankfully hides his face. He is holding my chin, the little of his face shown suggesting he is smiling while I smile back.

"That's right, Skylar Reed has been photographed with a man again today. Several sets of images were taken, each one revealing more and more about this mystery man," She says, the image changing to one of us kissing, the tilt of his head revealing his stubbled cheek, yet my hair is blocking anything else. Next, the image shows an image of me laughing as I sit back in my seat, Mitch still looking at me, yet whatever way he is sitting reveals more of his body, showing how strong and wide his shoulders look in his black coat. Finally, the image changes to an image of us walking hand in hand towards the cafe, his head ducked to whisper in my ear while I have my head ducked down. "While blurry, the little we see of the man's face in the photo from Cole's party and the one from this afternoon, people are confident it is the same man."

Now I watch as both images get shown and actually zone in on a blurry Mitch, thankfully not getting much from it.

"Was this man the reason for Cole and Skylar's-" She continues talking, yet I'm surprised when Mitch grabs the remote and turns the TV off.

"Sorry," I whisper, ducking my head to stare at my pink nails. I shouldn't have been so stupid. Not only did I ignore the fact I'm going to hurt him when the two weeks are over, but here I am having him splashed over the news.

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