Chapter 13: Smarter

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Mira's P.O.V

I wonder where Lucy and Natsu are today. *gasp* "Maybe they finally confessed their undying love for each other and had a heated make out session that caused them to miss school!!!" I notice that everyone was staring at me.

"Oops, did I say that out loud?" They giggle "I mean, we were all thinking it" Lisanna comments. Suddenly Natsu and Lucy sat down at the table. "Thinking what?" Lucy asks. "Oh uh, nothing" Lisanna says hastily.

Lucy's P.O.V

"Well actually, we were just thinking about you two making out." Mira says simply. I can feel my cheeks getting hot. "Mira!!" Lisanna whisper-screams. "Well are we right?" Mira asks looking at us.

"No, of course not!! We just fell asleep watching Netflix last night!" I say my face still beet red. "Were you two in bed?!?" She asks leaning forward a bit. "NO!! We were just on the couch." I say.

"Well then did you at least snuggle?" She asks with a sparkle in her eye. "No..." I lie. Well it's not really a lie. It's not like it was intentional. I don't think Natsu even knows. Mira frowns.

"Well that's boring." Evergreen says. "Still I think you two would be the perfect couple!" Cana says. "What do you think Natsu? Would you wanna be Lucy's boyfriend?" Mira asks wiggling her eyebrows.

"Oh uh, what did you say? I spaced out." Natsu says but I'm pretty sure he was lying. "Did you space out thinking about Lucy?" Levy asks. "What, no. I was thinking about Wendy. She doesn't know where I was last night." He says.

Then the bell rings leaving all the girls at our table disappointed.

<><><>After School<><><>

I run up to Natsu. "Smart." I tell him. "What?" "You didn't actually space out at lunch you said that so you wouldn't have to answer any questions" I say. "I have no idea what you're talking about." He said clearly lying.

"Yes you do, you cheater." "Hey, I didn't cheat, I'm just smart and you're just not." He said back. "HEY TAKE THAT BACK! I'M SMART!!!" I yell at him. "Oh yeah, if you're so smart then how come you didn't realize that you never brushed your hair and you have a giant knot in your hair."

My hands shoot up to my hair and I feel the back of my head. There was a huge knot that was big enough to be a birds nest. My eyes go wide and Natsu laughs. "I knew that! I just...liked the way it looked."I lie.

"Ok then, what's 347 times 82." He asks smirking. "How should I know that off the top of my head?!" I say. "Well I thought you were smart." He says. "Alright wise guy, what's the answer?" I ask. He pauses for a moment "Yeah, that's what I thought." I smirk.

"28,454" He says. "What?" "The answer. 347 times 82 is 28,454." He states. "Seriously?! Did you just do that in your head right now?" I ask. "Yep" He says still smirking. "Fine then, you wouldn't mind if I check?" I say. "Go ahead"

I take out my phone and click on the calculator app and type in the equation. Sure enough he was right, the answer was 28,454. No way he did that in his head. "Well? I'm correct right?" He asks. "Uh no."

"What?" He says looking surprised. "Yeah, you got it wrong" I lie. "Impossible, did I forget to carry the numbers down? No, I did that. The zero? No no, I did that too. Where did I go wrong?" He says to no one in particular.

"Wait, you actually did that in your head? Just now?" I ask dumb-founded. He's not listening because he's still trying to figure out where he went wrong. "No, I did everything right! The answer is 28,454!" He says finally looking at me.

"No it isn't. Maybe you're getting something wrong." I say still lying. "No, I didn't! I did everything perfectly." He says "Well, what's the correct answer?" He asks looking confused.

"Oh, it's twenty, uh, seven thousand...five hundred, um...forty...five. (27,545)" I stutter. Natsu looks at me raising an eyebrow. "I got it right didn't I?" He asked. "No!" I say. "Ok, give me your phone." He says.

"What, no. I'm not giving you my phone." I say. He glares at me and I give in and hand him my phone. "He goes to the calculator and types in the problem and 28,454 pops up. He looks up at me looking a little annoyed.

"I was right the whole time!" He complains pouting. "Uh...I must have typed it in wrong, sorry." I say. "No you did not. You just didn't want to admit that I'm smarter than you." "You are not smarter than me!!" I say "Uh-huh, sure." He says sarcastically.

"You're not!!" "Right, sure." "I'm smarter than you!" I say getting annoyed. "Whatever you say." He is SO ANNOYING! "Ugh, we're at my house and this is a pointless conversation so I guess I'll see you tomorrow." I sigh.

"Ok." He says then right before the door closes he whispers something I almost didn't catch "smarter than you" I swing the door back open and 'playfully' punch him. "Oww..." He whines then I go inside and slam the door.


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