Chapter Twenty

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I toss and turn in bed. I've taken one of the vacant bedrooms tonight in my attempt to avoid the group, and it hasn't been very pleasant so far.

It's too quiet. I'm used to Marie's loud snoring, but what I find myself searching for most is Marcello's heavy breathing and the heat he seems to give me when I lay next to him.

This silence is driving me crazy. (As a wise coward once said; sometimes quiet is violent. This is for the clikkies. XD)

I want nothing more than to go to Marcello's room, but I feel like that wouldn't be the best choice as I think back to when we kissed.

A smile touches my lips when I think about it. That was better than any kiss my ex ever gave me. Way better.

I have no remorse for that action whatsoever.

I may have kissed a mafia boss that I barely know, but it felt right. It still feel right. I don't regret it one bit, even though I probably should.

I wonder if it'd be okay to go into his room. I just want to get some sleep, and it seems like that place is where I usually get the best shut eye.

I mean, I've done it before, so what's the harm in doing it again?

I sigh, pushing aside the covers to get out of bed. The hall is dark and I barely manage to navigate my way to his room.

His door is cracked, so I decide to peek in, only to find the room empty. No sight of Marcello here, which leaves me feeling a tinge of disappointment.

I continue into his room, jumping onto his comfy bed. Suddenly, I feel an air of calm surround me.

I don't know why this room is so different than any other one, but it seems more soothing and peaceful. The smell of Marcello surrounds me and a comfortable aura causes me to drift easily to sleep.


I wake up to the bed dipping and the presence off another person. I open my eyes groggily, muttering unintelligible words as I rub my face.

A hand on my back relaxes me as a familiar voice whispers for me to go back to sleep. I follow the quiet command with a smile, drifting back to a sleep-like state, yet I'm still aware of what's going on.

Marcello proceeds to lay down next to me, putting the comforter I've kicked to the end of the bed to cover us both.

I smile in content as he pull me to his chest and holds me there. I realize that he has no shirt on when my arm presses against his bare chest.

He's so warm.

I hear myself mumble a bit, but im sure neither of us can decipher what's coming out of my mouth.

"Shh, go to sleep, love." His chest vibrates with every word as he rubs soothing circles on my back.

His words and calming movement against my back has me instantly shutting up.

This time, I find myself going into a sleep much deeper than before.


I wake up to the bright sun and a pair of arms suffocating me.

I glance over to see Marcello fast asleep with a hint of a smile on his usually frowning face.


Taking the time to absorb in the moment and study his features, I feel so at peace. This is the first time I've actually felt like I belong.

I feel an overwhelming happiness bring a smile to my face. Maybe I can just start over. Maybe this can be my new beginning.

Maybe I don't have to go back and face the two people that betrayed me.

The only thing I'd be missing if I just stayed here, would be my uncle. He's the only one I really care about back at home. My mind wanders to my mom, but I avert my thoughts before I can delve too deep into that pool of anger and resentment.

Instead, I focus back on the present moment. The man laying next to me.

Sure, he's dangerous, and a mafia leader, but he doesn't seem like he wants to harm me. Like, he kissed me. Why would he do that if he wanted to kill me?

I grunt to myself quietly, staring at the ceiling, deciding to get up. Well, try to get up. Big arms prevent me from doing so, and I look back to find the peaceful face of Marcello.

I roll my eyes, flicking him on the forehead, "Let go of me, you oaf."

He grunts in response, tightening his arms around me, muttering incoherently.

I sigh, feeling dissatisfied with that response. I flick him again, this time a lot jarder, effectively waking him up.

"What was that for?!" He yelps, rubbing the red spot on his head.

"That's for not letting me go." I glare at him, hopping from the bed to revel in my freedom, but am cut short when I get tangled in the blankets and fall to the ground painfully. "Ouch."

"And that's what happens when you flick someone awake." Marcello's head appears over the bed, staring at me in amusement.

"Big bad mafia leader can't handle a flick to the forehead?" I mock.

He glares at me, scowling, "No, the big bad mafia leader would recommend you to not wake him up by a round of violent flicking."

"It was just a couple flicks, you big baby!" I roll my eyes, coming to the decision to just stay on the ground with the mountain of blankets twisted around me.

"They were really hard flicks." He defends.

I grin, "Yeah, I've got a pretty mean flick, don't I?"

"Don't be too proud." He mutters, seeming to sulk.

I like this side of him, he's more playful and childish. And he's not constantly looking at everything like he wants to kill it.

If he was like this all the time, maybe it'd be easier to hang around him.

Just then, a scream echoes throughout the house, followed by the sound of a gunshot.

A chill goes down my spine when I realize the screaming sounded familiar.

It was Marie's.

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