Chapter 11|oh oka... wait WHAT?!

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The woman stood here and signed heavily, "oh my love you don't know what you are sighing yourself into"

A man walked into the room, "honey are you ready? We need to go"

"I'm not your 'honey' so please restrain yourself calling me that"

"Why so cold dear, I'm your husband after all"

"Not by will"

"I see you're still thinking about him. Should I pay him a visit?"

"Don't you dare! You promised you wouldn't"

"Now you're talking, so stop resisting and be ready we're leaving soon, when I come here I want to see you ready understand? "

"Yes Markus "

"Good girl"

When the man left the woman began crying bitterly, "dear come after me soon please "

A girl bolted suddenly from her bed panting heavily, "what the hell was that?! Who was that man? And most importantly that woman?! "

"My lady are you alright? It's time to wake up, it's your first day at the academy after all"

"Yeah thanks I'm up"

"*whispers* why can't a single day be normal? Wait a minute, i get it, because I'm not normal and a trouble magnet "

"My lady did you say something? "

"N-no *sigh* just go i will come down to breakfast "

Fu*k it all, it's the first day! The 'drama' day as i call it, today the fun begin!

As i came to the cafeteria i noticed my brother and my friends (*cough* fiance *cough*) here at the same table so i took my food and went to them.

When i sat down i noticed that they were talking about their schedule and classes together, andddd of course we are together, well duh who would part the five stars of Valencia.

Then guess who came to us?

No guesses? Realy? Okay anddddd
This was a prince of incendium and his 'friends', remember? The elf kingdom? okay let's continue.

Sooooo i didn't explain you one little thing, ummm the princes of other kingdoms are also in the harem, well you see not everyone knew this even i didn't knew this i just read about it in the site, but lets return to reality...

"Hey I heard about you, can me and my friends sit with you? " Endymion the prince asked.

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