Chapter 31

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''Remember when you asked me to date you? I've thought about it...'' you bite your lip as his eyes light up.

''let's do it''


After lunch break had ended, you all returned to class. A awkward silence lingered in the air, the classroom unusually dead silent.

''Well then'' the teacher smiled, relishing the rare silence. ''You're all unusually quiet today...''

As the teacher blabbed on about some atomic shit you had no interest about, you see Jisoo in the corner of your eye smiling contently like she won the fucking lottery.

Her voice speaks up next to you. ''Looks like Tae's over you'' she smirks. ''I mean, that kiss was great''

You roll your eyes. ''If I gave a shit, it would be on your face''

Jackson flings an arm across your shoulder, pulling you into his embrace. ''Well, she's with me now'' he grins.

Her mouth hangs open in incredulity. ''You are such a hoe, first Tae and now him?'' her upper lip is twitched in disgust as she goes to sit next to Taehyung at the back.

''Good riddance, bitch'' you call.


Taehyung's POV

Taking my jacket off, I hang it behind my chair and lean back. My temperature was heating up again.

I almost got tempted a bit ago...when I leaned in. Good thing I took a sedative. Images of her clothless form from that night in the woods flashed through my mind, my body heating up.

Her scent was invading my senses, her smooth skin clear of blemishes.

...I wanted to mark it...bite it...

But I couldn't.

'' stink'' I remarked, trying to distract myself before I lost control. Looking away and distancing myself, I got up only to be confronted by Jisoo.

...and then that happened.

I snap back to reality when I feel a nudge on my arm.

Jisoo makes her way towards us and takes a seat, huffing in annoyance. ''Guess what, Y/N and Jackson are dating!''

I raise an eyebrow, taking a quick glance at their direction. Jack or whatever the fuck his name was had an arm around her shoulder.

''...good for them'' I finally say, shoving my hands into my pockets.

And I bring out another sedative- the third one today -and swallow to nullify my blood thirst.


No ones POV

As the boys left the school premises, Jisoo tagged along with them and hopped into Jin's car.

''how you feeling?'' Namjoon asks, craning his head back to observe Taehyung.

''...okay'' he answered, his attention elsewhere. Leaning his head against the window, he watches you and Jackson cross the road, hand in hand.

''ah...'' Hoseok follows Taehyung's gaze and raises an eyebrow, but exerts no effort to comment.

''Where are we going?'' Jungkook asks, noticing they were heading a different direction from their home in the woods.

''the doctors'' Jin responds. ''for vampires''

The car stops abruptly near the pavement of some road, and they all jump off and stretch their muscles. The seven of them, plus Jisoo follow a path which lead them into the depths of the woodland.

The ambience was ominously quiet. They huddled closer and trodded on, listening to the susurration of the leaves in the gusty wind. The path at their feet fade as they walk into the abyss of darkness, the dappled shade of the woodland trees not looking so welcome anymore.

''we there yet? my feet are dying'' Yoongi speaks up, dragging his feet lazily across the fallen crumpled leaves.

''yup'' Namjoon pops, stopping at what looked like an abandoned building. It stood there in a composed way, as if it had chosen solitude for itself.

''Why does it look like that?'' Jisoo shivers, huddling closer towards Taehyung.

''So people don't attempt to look in it, duh'' someone responds.

Contrary to it's appearance, the inside was rather ostentatiously grand. A young boy sitting at the reception looks up, a bright smile forming on his lips.

''Long time no see!'' he exclaims, running up to them. ''What brings you here?''

''Yoooo Yeonjun! Wasuppp'' Jimin and Yeonjun fist bump excitedly, immediately engaging in conversation.

Who were these people you ask?

They were another institute of vampires, going by the name TXT and they often helped vampires who faced problems. Hence in this situation, Taehyung's blood addiction.

''holy shit'' Kai commented after listening to Y/N's tragic werewolf incident, his face held in an expression of surprisement. ''...that's deeeeeep''

''So Taehyung, you drank from this Y/N five times was it?'' Taehyun asked, noting everything down.

''Taehyung meets Taehyun lol'' Jin whispers to Hoseok and they both giggle.

After doing a couple of tests, they finally conclude the results.

''So basically...'' Soobin, the leader of the institute, sits across Taehyung, his face serious. '''re fucked''

Taehyung furrows his eyebrows. ''the hell you mean I'm fucked?''

''What he means is...'' Beomgyu begins, crossing his legs on the chair. '' that your body no longer accepts any other blood besides that Y/N's blood. You've drank from her too many times''

''What is he supposed to have then? He hasn't drank blood in like a week...and he's barely surviving on sedatives'' Hoseok states, his voice laced with concern.

''We'll try to figure something the meantime, you better get blood in your system quickly'' Yeonjun nods, typing away on his keyboard.

''And if I don't?'' he asks, gulping.

He looks up from his computer screen and sighs. ''If you stay too long without won't survive''

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