New Best Friends (Episode 7)

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Early morning of October 31st 2018

Winter Anderson is forced to sit on her knees as a brown haired girl stands behind her holding onto her shoulders. Winter's hands appear to be wrapped together with a rope glistening in green. As the two stand there in deep silence surrounded by the red walls of a barn, a tall man enters from a silver door further into the barn. His long hair and mischievous brown eyes along with hammer in his hand that appears to have a clown smiling tells Winter that he wants her killed. As soon as she notices these details, she starts screaming and attempts to say some spells against the two until the man speaks.

Man: There is no use in speaking your tongue in these walls, they are enchanted so no spell from a foul witch can breath their sins, and you have casted a very powerful sin.. sister. And for this I take you thee to the place where Witches will burn.

He lifts up the hammer that evolves into a bright silver sword. 

Man: Hear my word and let it sink in, you shall enter the worlds of fire and water and return a rock, in His name!

The man lifts his sword and slits Winters throat. All at once, she falls onto the floor while blood squirts out of her neck and she gasps for air. The camera goes towards the man who wipes the sword with a towel.

Man: Arise!

An angelic sound appears and an eerie sound echoes around the room as a white soul enters into Winters mouth, within seconds Winter rises with white eyes and stares into the camera as all the blood soaks back up into her wound and her breathing calms. 

The camera flies into the floorboard of the barn's attic and then through the roof while it aims towards the sky. The stars form into 'The Untold Stories' before the rain takes over and it rubs off onto the floor.

October 31st 2018, Brooksfield University

The camera opens up on a tall and luxurious bricked university. A bell rings in the distance and the camera goes through a window while wind affects appear. Inside the building stands two tall marble statues of Gods. One holds a lightning hold and another one blowing two souls away. Below this states 'Zeus' and 'Hades'. Below them, spectating is a fox-haired girl walking with a curly brown haired girl and a taller boy next to her. The ginger haired girl stares at the two souls in awe before taking a sharp left, walking down a hallway decorated with the colors of the rainbow and origami in shapes of planes and birds twinkle above them. 

Kieghan South: This is so cool, I never knew non-magicals could be so festive.

Toby Savannah: What is the magical Halloween?

Kieghan sighs.

Kieghan South: Well, Halloween is more about a witch goddess called Hallo who set upon the world foul beasts who would challenge mankind. The celebration is that witches prevented these "beasts" from attacking nons although some still managed to creep through like ghosts. That's how 'ween' came in because it felt as if she won in some aspect.

Toby Savannah: Dark but fun.

Sophie McDonald: I still can't believed I convinced you to join, all the others didn't get the idea.

Kieghan South: No, i'm up for new ideas.

Kieghan, Sophie and Toby push over a small brown door that reveals an almost theater type room. On stage is Cat, Smithie and a black hispanic girl standing and kneeling on a table. A funky and slow beat steps in and a spotlight lights up.

Smithie Evans: Now!

Cat Montreddins: Some fun now!

All: Hot damn!

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