Chapter 52 ~Niall~

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Liked by @harrystyles @louist91 @Realliampayne and 7,903,784 more

niallhoranofficial @harrystyles @louist91 Aww she's so cuttee!!

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louist91 Yep, now bring me back my baby. @niallhoranofficial

niallhoranofficial @louist91 But she's so cutteee just a little longer??!

louist91 @niallhoranofficial There's a few more people who want to hold her and Harry wants her back anyways.

niallhoranofficial Ughhhh fineee @louist91

niallhoranofficial @Shawnmendes Can we have a child?!

louist91 Thanks, @niallhoranofficial

Shawnmendes Well, I mean, maybe later? @niallhoranofficial

niallhoranofficial What do you mean maybe later? @ShawnMendes

Shawnmendes @niallhoranofficial Well seeing as how I'd be the one having the baby I want more time to think thank you.

Larryislouisxharry ^^This is so amusing and Darcy is the most adorable baby I've ever seennnn

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