Im No Fool

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It was like I was in a trance. I basically skipped to my front door feeling good, jittery inside even. Carter waited until I got In the house before pulling off I can tell because I heard his car going but I didn't dare look back. As I closed the door I closed my eyes as well as I let my back rest against it. I had such a chill time with him. It was really different then I expected. He seemed really down to earth, he didn't make me do the project on my own. He was actually very smart and very productive, I knew we were gonna get an A on it.

"Um fuck are are you doing Lana?"
My eyes popped open taking in the scene around me. My brother was starting at me like I had two heads and the smell of weed invaded my nostrils. How didn't I notice before? It was so loud in here and I must of breezed passed the cars in my driveway because I was so wrapped up in thinking about Carter.

"Hello?" My brother sighed. I think it was his second time saying it too.
"Can I come home one day without smelling weed?" I rolled my eyes and pushed pass him.
"Not so fast." He snatched me backwards making me tumble a little. "I wanna ask you something." He led the way not really giving me an option to say no. He lead me toward the dining room. I swallowed as my eyes scanned the room. Justin and Melissa were the first people I spotted. She was sitting on his lap and they were smoking.

She never touched weed in her life. Well that I know of. She was really changing for him. It was a shame. Of course the rest of the crew was here: Michael, Caleb and my stupid brother.

I started to wonder why Carter left instead of coming here.

"Sup" Michael And Caleb said to me at the same time with a smile. I'm surprised they even acknowledged me since they too had a girl sitting next to each of them. I was beginning to think this was a whore house. And where are my god damn parents?!

"Aren't they cute together?" Daniel asked me and everyone looked at me for approval. He was asking if Justin and Melissa made a cute couple. I smirked and looked them both, "honestly, I think Justin could do better. But you guys like sluts so here we are." I shrugged and everyone immediately laughed. To think of it my joke was kind of corny to me but I watched as Melissa's face reddened in embarrassment. Even Justin was laughing so hard she had a hard time keep steady on his lap. This reminded me when Carter had a girl here and she was talking shit about me and i defended myself.

Looking at them made me realize I was being way to nice to carter today I've been smiling to much, being too nice, complimenting him in way. I was doing the wrong things, and I bet he thinks I like him even, but I couldn't like him because i hated him. I hated them all, but for some reason he's been able to make me see him differently. I guess because he was there when I needed someone earlier but I couldn't let myself fall for it. Not when I know the truth.

I decided now that I was never gonna let anyone treat me bad, talk down on me or use me. Melissa was changing and so was I. I didn't really have to call her a whore but she did make me cry when she ended our friendship. I wasn't one to hold grudges and I definitely wasn't a mean girl but I couldn't take back what I said so I walked out of the room satisfied with embarrassing her. I felt a little wrong too but She was ending our friendship over a guy who just wanted to use her. She left me for that, I would never understand but I vowed to myself to never be that fucking stupid. Ever.

The next day at school was boring as ever. I found out last night that my parents went on another trip. It was a short one though , two days for work. They didn't tell me because it was a last minute thing blah blah Daniel is in charge. I couldn't wait to go to college and not live like this.

As I sat in my last class before lunch I thought about how boring my day was because Melissa and I aren't friends anymore. I saw her a few times and she gave me so many hateful looks it was almost funny. But sad though, we were best friends yesterday, now enemies in the next day.

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