Just to Watch You Fall

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I watched as Oli rushed towards the school building with his tattered bag slung over his shoulder. Stepping out of the car, I grabbed my bag and started after him. I didn't like the way he scampered inside like a scared mouse, but I also didn't understand why anyone would hurt such an innocent boy.

Alan caught me at the door with a sultry smile. I groaned. "Hey, handsome." For a man with a loving girlfriend he sure did like to hit on me more often than not. "No, Alan." He groaned, flipping me off as I walked towards my classroom. "You'll give into me someday!" I rolled my eyes. "And that day is not today."

I waved at Mr. Sunday taking my seat in between Alex and Vic. "How is she?" Vic whispered, a concerned look on his small features. I averted my eyes, feeling Alex wrap his arms around my body. I sighed. "This morning." Vic shook his head. "Aus, you should be at home, your Dad-" I glared at the Mexican and he shut up. "No, Vic, he needs to get back into things." Alex patted my back sympathetically. "Sitting around and moping does nothing, trust me." He whispered the last part and we both gave him a hug.

Mr. Sunday closed the door as soon as the bell rang, and we all turned our attention to the front of the classroom. The older man clapped his hands together with a smile. "Alright, class, today we're going to be writing poems!" Everyone groaned, but I felt a small smile grace my face. Our teacher crossed his arms. "Ladies and gentlemen, this isn't just a daily work grade." He grinned. "The best poem turned into me by next Friday gets an automatic 100 on the unit test." Vic and I smirked evilly.

We both loved writing, and this competition meant war. "It's on." Mr. Sunday glanced over at our desks and we smiled innocently. "You may begin! Also, don't forget about about the reading quiz tomorrow." I cursed. Looks like I'll have to save my lead for tonight.

Fortunately, both of my friends had the same look on their faces, so we suffered through the shitty writing of some chic in the eighteen hundreds.

"Austin Carlile!" My head snapped up, seeing the teacher with a blue slip in his hand. I took the sheet of paper, grabbing my things and heading towards the office. I couldn't help but wonder why the councilor wanted to see me, and my curious friends weren't helping.

On the two minute walk to the front office, I received over a hundred messages asking me about the note and/or predicting why I got called up to the office. That included several people who weren't in my English class.

Knocking on the open doorway, I smiled politely at the woman behind the computer. "Ah, Austin Carlile, correct?" I nodded, and took a seat in the chair in front of her. "Is there something wrong?" She stood up, shutting the door with a frown. "Your father called-" I held up my hand, stopping her with a shake of my head. "I know he's worried, but my friends are here for me, I don't need anyone else trying to sort things out with me." She sighed in relief. "Well, let me know if you need anything, okay?" I gave her a hug, standing up to leave.

"Wait!" I turned and found her biting her nails nervously. "Are you friends with Oliver?" I nodded slowly, a curious look on my face. Her face brightened. "He's a good kid to talk to, he lost his Mum a while back." I nodded in understanding, but on the inside I was freaking out.

Oli had lost his Mum? When? Was that why his Dad was such an ass? I wanted to know, now more than ever, what was going on inside my sweet Oliver's life.

I waited until the bell rang before returning to class, playing with my pencil mindlessly while I waited for class to start, since I didn't have any friends in Math. I heard some commotion outside in the courtyard. Turning my attention to the window for a closer look.

"Shit!" I rushed out the door and through the halls. Mitch met me by the door, following my lead out to stop the slaughter taking place by the picnic tables. "Back the hell up!" I shoved the prick off of my friend with a snarl, throwing the first punch. "I'll do what I want, fag!" Andy threw himself at me and I leapt into action.

We were rolling around in the dirt, punching and scratching and biting at each other without mercy. The carnage didn't stop until I heard him scream. "Stop!" My head turned, buy Andy wasn't finished with me yet.

His bloody knuckles flew at my face, snapping my head back with enough force to knock me into the ground. "You little bitch!" I rubbed my head, groaning as I watched Danny and Ben take turns pummeling the shit out of the bully.

"Gentlemen!" The booming voice of principal Sanders echoed throughout the courtyard, bringing all activity to an abrupt halt.

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