{2 The Day Of The Concert

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{2 The day of the concert

Your pov

You and your friends arrive at the venue at noon, which is quite early considering the concert starts at 8 pm. So the three of you need to spend 8 hours waiting before the concert starts, but looking at the immense crowd of girls that have already gathered at the venue you were glad you had come this early.

''Is this where the queue starts?'' You ask your friends and point to the large row of people in front of you.

''I guess?'' Haneul says and shrugs, ''I don't know if this is the only queue?''

''Let's just ask,'' Jieun says and confidently walk up to girls who are standing at the end of the queue. You and Haneul follow her.

''Hi,'' Jieun says, ''Is this the beginning of the queue?''

The girls all turn to look at us, ''What kind of tickets do you have?''

''We have early entry standing tickets.'' You answer.

''This is the V.I.P. Gold tickets queue,'' The girl answers and point to the left, ''If you go that way you will find the early entry queue.''

''Thanks,'' You reply, ''Let's go.''

The three of you go the place the girl pointed to and soon you find the other queue, you again ask one of the girls and indeed this is the right queue. Luckily this queue wasn't as long as the other. V.I.P. Must have come here really early. The first hour waiting quickly goes by and you and your friend are soon chatting with the girls around you asking them about their biasses and favorite songs, moments etc. The atmosphere around the venue is happy and friendly, everyone is making new friends. Some people are playing music while singing or dancing along. Then suddenly you feel something, your heart suddenly starts pounding like crazy, it feels as if someone just jump scared you and your heart is racing in response. You put a hand to your chest and slowly breath in and out to calm yourself down, but nothing is working, it is actually getting worse you start to feel a bit dizzy and need to put a hand on your friend's shoulder to keep yourself from fainting. By instinct, you look in the direction of the venue and your heart starts beating even faster and another feeling of joy comes over you. In just a few hours you would be seeing BTS in person. Your most favorite artists ever! was i just really nervous? Was that why my heart is racing like this. Then you feel something else your heart isn't just beating fast their was something else. It felt like a second heartbeat? ? That's not possible?

''Y/N!'' suddenly you friends voice gets through and you snap back to reality. You are still leaning against your friend who had put her arms around your waist to stabilize you.

''Are you okay?'' Your friends ask worried.

You slowly get back on your own feet, ''Yeah I'm fine, I guess I'm just really nervous and in need for a coffee.'' You say and laugh it off.

'' I don't have coffee, but here drink some water,'' Jieun says and hands you a water bottle.

You gladly take the water bottle from her and take a few sips. Slowly you put your own hand on your neck feeling your heartbeat, it slowed down again and there is definitely just one heartbeat this time. What had just happened?

''So who is your bias?'' A girl in front of you asks.

'''Yoongi!'' You quickly say glad for the distraction.

''Oh really!'' She says excited, ''he is my bias too! I am Lia by the way.''

''y/n,'' You say and smile at her.

You and the girl start talking about how beautiful and amazing the members of BTS are. 

''Hey girls,'' Jieun says, ''What if one of us actually meets their soulmate tonight?''

''Impossible,'' Haneul replies.

''Well,'' Lia says ''if rumors are true there are instances a bond can be formed by just looking at your soulmate even if he is hundreds of  meters away.''

''Really!'' Haneul exclaimed excited, '' Maybe Taehyung will be my soulmate.''

''Haneul stop dreaming, '' you shake your head, ''Changes are really slim..''

''y/n'' Jieun says, ''Just because you don't want to meet yours you don't have to ruin other people's dreams, let her have her little moment.''

''You don't want to meet your soulmate!'' Lia almost yells in suprise.

''Too much responsibility,'' Haneul says imitating your voice.

Lia looks at you gaping. ''Why? Don't you want to be happy?''

''I am happy.'' You reply, ''I don't need some boy to make me happy.''

''No your 40 cats are going to do that for you,'' Jieun jokes. You hit her shoulder in response.

''40 cats?'' Lia asks '' You have 40 cats?''

''It's a joke Lia'' You laugh, ''I always say that I will grow old alone and became a cat lady with 40 cats and drink wine and coffee with them.''

''Why?'' Lia asks curiously.

''Because she loves coffee, wine, and cats,'' Haneul replies for you.

''Besides,'' you start, ''You do realize that soulmates share everything, and I mean everything When your soulmates sad you are sad when he is hurting you are hurting. What if you would bond with a chronically sick person? You would feel all their pain with them, doesn't sound like a dream to me. Just let me be me without all that hassle.''

''But there is also a beauty in that,'' Lia says, ''You really know how he feels and you can help him through it.''

''Yeah,'' you snort,''until he dies and you die with him. Real nice.''

''Not everyone dies when their soulmate dies,'' Jieun says, ''Some just become..''

''very lonely?'' You finish Jieuns sentence.

''Okay fine y/n'' Haneul says, ''We are cutting you out of our dreamland.''

You shrug not really caring about the topic.

''Lia what would you do if your bias turns out to be your soulmate?'' Haneul asks.

''Omg, that would be so amazing!'' Lia squeals, ''But what if your soulmates with someone in BTS but it is not your bias!''

Everyone gasps and think for a moment. You sigh this will bring on another deep discussion about soulmates. Luckily soon the soulmate conversation turns again to a conversation about how you and your friends soon are going to meet them and talk about the concert. Soon, you lose track of time.

''Y/N?'' Your friend asks, ''I'm getting quite hungry what about you?''

You stomach growls in response, ''Yeah me too, what time is it?''

''It's 5 pm, maybe one of us should get something to eat?''

''Yeah sure, but who is going?'' You reply.

The three of you glance at each other for a moment then all three of you jump into fighting poses at the same time.

''ROCK, PAPER, SCICORRS!!!'' The three of you yell in unison.

You put out paper and sigh when you see when both your friend both have put out scissors.

''Fine,'' You sigh again, ''What do you guys want?''

Your friend gives you their orders and you leave them to find the place to get the food. 


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