37. History Lessons

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"You've got this honey. Come on, let's get started." She smiled and grabbed my palm, reassuringly. 

She smiled at me and placed my hand over the fire.

"You feel the heat?" She asked and I nodded. She then released my hand and placed her hand over the fire.

Her hand was so close to the flame that I winced from watching her groan in slight pain.

"What you're going to do is to hold my other palm." She instructed, her hand still so close to the flame. I listened to her quickly and grabbed her other palm tightly.

I felt an energy change once I grabbed her hand and I instantly felt her pain. I winced backwards and released her hands.

"Nevaeh concentrate!" She said as she moved her hand lower, the flame touching her palm directly. I looked at her like she was crazy. She wanted me to feel the pain that she's feeling.

"This makes no sense! Why should I feel what you're feeling?!" I asked frantically.

"Just breathe Nevaeh. If you do it right you won't have to feel what I'm feeling. It will just feel like an energy being passed between us. You aren't suppose to feel my pain, you're meant to harness it and take it away from me." She explained and I nodded slowly in confusion.

"What happens if someone has a serious injury, like a broken arm?"

She shook her head, "you can't heal broken arms but you can relieve the pain from it and allow the body to do its own healing." She laughed. "Come dear, grab my palm and close your eyes Nevaeh and allow your body to do it's work." She instructed and I nodded, grabbing her other hand and  closely my eyes.

I took a deep breath and let it out through my mouth. My eyebrows creased in concentration as my mind raced.

Pictures of the flame roamed my head. The images were zoomed in as I saw Mrs Macy's palm touch the flame. My eyes still closed, I felt a energy change and I slight sting in my other palm.

"You're doing great Nevaeh." She whispered and I remained eyes closed.

"I can't feel any of the burning sensation anymore!" She said excited. And I smiled in satisfaction.

"I'm now going to remove my hand now and place it on my lap" She started and she let go of my palm.

The energy shifted and the room felt cold once again. I looked at my palm and saw no marks on my palm. She lifted her hand and showed me her palm. Her palm had a first degree burn in the centre.

"Now you're going to heal this." She said and I cocked my head in confusion.


"The same way you did that, it just takes extra concentration because you need to heal me completely." She said and I nodded and adjusted in my seat.

"Is this magic?" I asked her and she laughed.

"Who knows Nevaeh!" She shook her head in amusement. "I don't like using that word, I see it as a gift."

"Do all Truly Mated pairs have similar powers?" I asked her.

"From what I know, there aren't many of you. Many dangerous people have succeeded and put an end to their lives because pairs like you and Cyrus have what others desired."

"Like healing and immortally?" I questioned.

"Possibly, I've heard that others have had the power of telepathy and-"

"We already have that." I interrupted confused.

"No we don't. We can only mind-link with Pack members and it intensifies with our Mates. Other Truly Mated pairs can use telepathy on anyone at anytime. And for some-" she paused and looked at me carefully.

"For some, their blood isn't 'magical' like yours. Some simply just have those innate gifts."

"Is it always the Luna's? I remember the Pack's Seerer said that the tears of Moon Goddess runs through my veins." I recalled.

"Indeed. And no, there was once this Alpha that became immortal as a result of his True Mate. In that case, the Luna didn't possess any gifts and she unfortunately died during the birth of their first born daughter And no one has heard or seen the Alpha since then."


"When was that?"

"I'm not a history teacher Nevaeh" she laughed, "these are all stories and myths because Truly Mated wolves are so rare that anyone who may have lived in their lifetime are either dead or really old."

"Why do you have this gift- vision?" I asked. I never understood why she had her and she wasn't Truly Mated to Mr Macy.

"Honey, you aren't the only favorite of the Moon Goddess." She winked and twisted her curly hair with her non-burned hand. "My entire bloodline have been known to posses these gifts of vision. It just pains that I won't be able to pass it onto anyone." She frowned and looked at her palm.

Shit.  I didn't mean to bring this sore topic up.

"I'm so sorry Mrs Macy, I didn't-" I apologized quickly.

"Oh hush honey, come take my burned palm and close your eyes."


After the lesson with Mrs Macy I had finally learned how to relieve the pain of others. The small fire burn may seem minute but she reassured me that there'll be other serious injuries and severe pains that will require more concentration and energy from me.

"You can't save everyone."

Were her last words to me before I got up from the pillow and walked out into the hallway.

I also thought that I could use this gift I have to help at the Pack Hospital. It'll make it easier for the injured to heal quicker. But, Mrs Macy had rejected that, concluding that: "the less people know the better"

And that was true. I feared that if the wrong ears heard about Cyrus and I, they'll use that information against us. And since nearly every Truly Mated pair have been murdered in the last century- it doesn't leave much hope for us.

I sighed and made my way down the hallway.

I desperately needed to get out of these stinky gym clothes.

I made my way up the stairs to the fourth floor and into our room.

I had missed this place.

It has seemed like forever since I've been here when in reality, it was two days.

I pulled my tights down and took my top off and chucked it on the bathroom floor, turning the bath tap on. A nice bubble bath was much needed. My muscles felt so tense and rigid.

I walked up to the mirror and stared at my naked self. My face was dull and not as vibrant. My light caramel skin wasn't glowing, I looked tired.

"Goddess" I breathe aloud as I buried my hands in my damp hair. My eyes went to my neck where Cyrus' mark laid. Smiling at the sight I turned around and turned off the tap water and soaked myself into the burning hot water. I laid my head on the back of the tub and closed my eyes. I blocked all the thoughts from earlier, from Cyrus and the rogue and from Mrs Macy and from the voices from downstairs.

After about ten minutes of soaking and cleansing myself. I prepared to get out to the tub.

Suddenly My wolf sense picked up someone entering the room. I raised my head and listened intensively.

Was that Cyrus?

I stepped out from the tub and took a few steps to the towel.

Just as I was about to wrap the towel around me the bathroom door flung open and the intruder stepped in at the very moment.

My eyes widened in total shock as he stood in front me.

This wasn't happening.

I was naked.

In front of him.

He didn't move he just stared at me with a shocked expression.

I screamed and wrapped the towel around me in total embarrassment.


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