Hey guys! so if guys haven't read my Must date Hemmings book then this story would be pointless to you. so i suggest u guys to read it first so yeah.

Before you read:

Please don't send me hate like 'Oh my God, this books sucks and you're a shitty writer' blah blah whatever. Mate, I know that already, I am a shitty writer so BACK OFF! AND MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS! besides I never said I'm a hella of a good writer, get it?! K?

Lastly, I don't do editing on my chapters so you guys are expected to understand the spelling or grammatical errors. I was a freshman when I started writing and had a low vocabulary. I'm sorry if the grammar gets in your nerves or sth. Tho, english is not my first language. So yeah.

So I guess that's all.

Have a good reading!


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