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"You can't manage without me?" Shravan asked into the phone. ".....Okay,okay fine. I'll see. I'll come as soon as I can........ Ya ok, Bye. See you soon Eric."

He sighed, rubbing his hand over his face.

"What's the matter?" Suman asked from where she was stirring the daal as he leant against the counter in PCT.

"I'll have to go for London for sometime."

"What happened? Everything ok?"

"The opposing party is reopening a case. Our client wants me to fight the case since I was the one who fought it last time. Eric tried telling him that I have relocated and any of the other senior lawyers would take up this case but the stubborn man is not agreeing. He is threatening to sue our firm if I don't take up this case."

"How long did will it take?"

"I don't know. A month. Maybe two."

Suman frowned. She didn't want to be away from Shravan for that long.

"Sumo" Shravan whispered leaning her forehead against her. "Come with me. I can't stay away from you for that long."

"Par Shravan, mai kaise.....ghar par sab kya bolenge? Fir yaha PCT hai, mera kaam woh saab kaise....Pechle baar tu uss meeting ki wajah se jane diya tha...."

"Ssh" He silenced her by putting a finger against her lips. "Tum bas haan bolo baki sab mai dekh lunga."


"Kya?" He asked astonished; he hadn't expected her to give in so easily.

"Ok, I'll come." She smiled resting her
head against his chest.

Shravan wrapped his arms around her; a contended smile playing on her lips.


It was a lot more difficult to convince their families this time; the question about them alone in a separate country was raised but once Shravan pointed out that they had given their permission to Pushkar and Preeti too
for the same and now denying them would be hypocrisy, everyone reluctantly agreed.

"Tum uska dhayaan rakhoge na?" Priya asked Shravan when she had found him alone after the plans to go to London were finalized.

"Aunty aap chinta mat kijiye. Mai uska pura khayal rakhonga."

Satisfied by what she saw in his eyes, she smiled. Caressing his cheek with motherly affection, she spoke; "I would not have trusted my daughter with anyone else beta. Finish your work and return fast beta; we would be waiting for both of you."


"And that's all for now. Both of you are doing g wonderful. I'll see you both next week." Dr. Meeta said as she closed her file.

"About that; we need to tell you something. We will not be able to attend the session for a few months as we would be going to London."

"What happened?"

"I have a reopened case to wrap up and it might take a month or two depending on the how things are. I will tell you as soon as I come to know the complete status of the case when I reach there."

"And Suman?" She asked turning her gaze on her.

"She will be accompanying me."

"I see." The doctor replied leaning back into her chair.

"Is anything the matter?" Suman asked seeing the thoughtful expression on their doctor's face.

"Will you listen to me if I ask Suman to stay back?"

"Why?" Both of them asked at the same time.

"See I have been wondering how to break this to you for quite sometime; I have been meaning to ask you both to spend some time apart. This seems like the perfect opportunity....." She trailed off.

"I have been observing you too ever since you started therapy here. You have a constant need to be around the the other; you are in some way or the other always touching the other person; whenever things go downhill you would subtly give the other comfort; even now you are holding hands....."

Both of them looked down to see that they had unconsciously intertwined their hands.

"Now there isn't something wrong in it but it isn't exactly healthy either.
You people have immersed yourself in some bubble and are shutting the rest of the world out. You rely too much on each other for comfort, support and affection. In case if you are ever apart in the future even if it is for a short duration, I'm scared you will fall into depression. And I can't allow that to happen. So I suggest you take a small break and let other people in; reconnect with people around you; your friends, family, colleagues. Share your problems, your emotions, happiness, pain with someone other than each other. I don't want you relying that heavily on each other. I'm not going to force you to stay apart. It has to be your decision. Think about it. But this what I would suggest. Give me a call when you decide and I would make arrangements accordingly for your next session."


"I think we should go with Dr. Meeta says."

"Par Sumo...."

"Shravan she has always known what's best for her. We didn't want to confront Raghav or your parents but it turned out to be beneficial in the long run. All those tasks has helped us so much. You can't deny how much she has helped us. Shravan we shouldn't doubt her. She has our best interests at heart. If she feels that spending some time apart will do is good, then we should trust her. And it's not we wouldn't not talk at all, we will talk over phone. We will video call; we will stay in touch Shravan."

"As you wish." He sighed.


The week passed by in a flur and before they knew it was time for Shravan to leave. Suman went along to drop him at the airport.

"You got everything nah.... kuch chuta toh nahi gaya. Sare papers, sare documents. Sab kuch le liya nah..."

"Nahi." He replied.

"Nahi?" She asked astonished. "Kya kya chod diya?"

"Tum." He replied gazing into her eyes. "Apni sabse kimti amanat chod ke ja raha hoon."


"I'll miss you Sumo" He drew her in a hug.

"I'll miss you too." She mumbled; her voice muffled by his shirt.

"I have something for you." He replied taking out a small box from his pant pocket.

"Shravan yeh...." She asked dumbfounded looking at the small jewellery box yet.

"Don't worry. I'm not proposing; at least not yet." He responded with a dry chuckle.

He opened the box to reveal a promise ring with the symbol infinity ingrained on the front. "I want you to have this. This is my promise to you. No matter what happnes, no matter where life takes us, no matter how much time it takes me; I'll always come back to you. You are my home Sumo."

"You are my home too Shravan."

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