twenty one

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There's only three of them, two of them was sitting on the strandmon wing chairs while the other one was walking back and forth since past ten minutes. Frustration could be seen on his face, by the way he put his hand on his waist and massaging his head.

"Taehyung." Jimin called him out.

Taehyung stop on his spot and glanced back at him, but still his heart couldn't skip beating fast. He furrowed his brows to him before Jimin open his mouth.

"No matter what, we really need to make a report. It's too dangerous and anything could happen if you just cross the line."

Jimin suggested but Taehyung couldn't say anything, he's not agreeing and he's not either disagreeing too. This was just complicated for him.

Jin already warned him to not involving the police and he's scared if he do anything worse to her once he made a report.

"But if we remain careful, anything could be possible and we can save Irene just in short time."

"Of course we are being careful, but that would be safer if we get the police's help."

Jimin exclaimed but he poke himself to stay calm without turning the atmosphere to a cold session. He know how sensitive Taehyung is when it comes to Irene. He internally hoping for him at least consider it carefully and be open minded to the point that it's way too dangerous.

He sighed, "How do you think, hyung?"

At the same time, Jimin glanced at Hoseok who already look like he's discussing with himself through the whole times he had a little bicker with Taehyung.

"Hm? I-I think Jimin is right. Safety comes first and we don't know what is Jin's next plan, so it will be easier if we can cooperate with the police."

Jimin nodded and stared at Taehyung who seems irritated how both of them were agreeing with each other's ideas but not with his. Taehyung glared at Jimin back but that didn't last long, he immediately looked away and growled.

"Fine. I will do it myself."

Taehyung was done with two of them, he quickly put his hoodie on and grabbed his black cap on the desk then walked away.

"Yah, Kim Taehyung!" Jimin raised his voice after he hold it for long time.

He's about to chase after him but Hoseok immediately stopped him and shook his head.

"Hyung, we need to stop him." Jimin reminded after he lightly shoved his hand.

"Let him be, he's just panic."

This time, Jimin could only listened to him, it make sense that he's only panic but Jimin still couldn't stay still.

Meanwhile, Taehyung was only thinking on how to save his girl since hour ago. Right after he went out from seeing the two again, he was currently standing by the pedestrian before the traffic light turned red and he passed by the road.

Although there's so many people there around him, his mind was only full of Irene's figure, how she was doing and what is Jin going to do with her. He didn't even care to meet his eyes with everyone since he just looked down to the street and his cap was covering half of his face.

Taehyung's hand was gripping Irene's phone tightly, even though no incoming calls from anyone, only her phone could be the prove and help him to find her.

Once he unlocked the phone, he groaned as it required the passcode. He tried entering some random passcode again and again until it turned disable. He started giving up and stomped his feet.

For the second time, he sighed, he taught himself to not feeling hopeless until he successfully enter the right passcode. He's in a deep thought for a moment, until a second he snapped.

"Her birthdate." after he got the clue, he quickly entered the number that related to her birthday, either it was '0329' or '2903', he just tried both of them.

At the exact time, it displayed the home screen of her phone, which mean he succeed. He felt relieved, and the first thing he was looking for is Jin's phone number, but when he called him, the number has been blocked.

Obviously, he couldn't do anything besides he just got an idea to trace the number and now Jin's number couldn't be contacted.

His mind was out of control and the fact that he failed to do anything just drowned himself into a surge of anxiety. He wasn't alarmed that he almost throw the phone away but a hand quickly grabbed his wrist to stop him.

"Calm your ass down, bro." he caught a glimpse of Hoseok's expression, he was mad but that wasn't long last until he got that worry face.

Taehyung let his hand go from his grip and saw Jimin jogged to their direction. Jimin bent down as he was running out of oxygen. In the middle of the time he was inhaling and exhaling heavy breath, he spoke up.

"Hey, we just-"

"Didn't I already told you guys that I can do this alone? If you guys insist to lodge a police report, then go. I don't care!"

As soon as he warned the two of them, he madly glared and clenched his fist to the point that he was furious towards them. He know they just want to help, but at least they should have understand his situation and desires.

Jimin and Hoseok stay on their spot, not making any move since it will turn the situation worse. Only their words could tell the actual truth that has been undelivered.

"Taehyung, we just found her." Hoseok exclaimed.

At the same time, when Taehyung heard it all, he froze his steps as he's about to walk away. He tilted his head to his left and finally turned himself to face Jimin and Hoseok who already stared at him ever since he ignored them.


"Yes, we did."

Taehyung was still not moving an inch as eyes wandered to them, his heart was beating too fast. "But, how?"

Two of them looking at each other before turning their head to Taehyung again. He was impatient until Jimin showed his phone to Taehyung.

He took it right away, clueless but seeing his phone displayed some incoming messages widened his eyes while his mouth parted.


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