Q1: The Seventh Member of The Generation of Miracles (Pt. 1)

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Daidaina's P.O.V

A year ago, after I left... That's when my story began.

That's when I met them; The Generation of Miracles.

Of course, I was one of the miracles as well, but I wasn't that happy about it.

I mean, I was in the beginning, but after a while... it became a nuisance to me.

It was so irritating...

We were always the center of attention.

All they said was 'The Generation of Miracles' this, 'The Generation of Miracles' that.

They didn't care about us as an individual; like everyone else.

It was so vain that I wished I never was a part of The Generation of Miracles.

All they thought about was winning.

Of course, it wasn't like that from the beginning, but it was by the end of junior high...


I was enrolled into Teikō Junior High. I was put in the same class as Kise and Aomine.

My seat was in front of Kise's and Aomine was in the seat beside me.

The first day I transferred, Kise kept on poking me.(to get my attention?)

Of course, if I was the shy girl I used to be before I started playing basketball,
I would of probably ignored him or maybe even politely asked him to stop but, I wasn't, not anymore.

So, during lunch, after a couple of pokes, I started to get a bit pissed off.

I slowly turned my head and growled, "What."

Kise got a bit scared by that, but then reverted back to being.... 'Kise'.

"Daicchii, do you like basketball?"

'Daicchi? O ~ O ' I thought.

"Yeah... but why are you asking?"

"Well, your lunch box has a basketball on it and your bento is made into the shape of a basketball too. Not to mention your bracelet says 'Basketball!' on it." He pointed out.

"Oh right," I said, looking at my lunch, then at my bracelet. They were from America. I was so childish and obsessed. "What about it?"

"Wanna join the basketball team? Me and Aominecchi are a part of it, too!" He said, cheerfully.

'There's a team here? Hmm, this might be interesting.'

"Sure." I smiled.

"Great! Let's go and get you signed up!" Kise pulled me and Aomine along with him and we headed over to the basketball club.

When we entered the basketball court, I saw four boys playing basketball with each other.

The sound of their sneakers squeaking on the gym floor was nostalgic.

It reminded me of when Kagami, Himuro, and I used to play basketball together.

"Akashicchi! Midorimacchi! Murasakibaracchii! Momocchi!" Kise shouted.

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