Chapter 3 Boys POV

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Chapter 3


Kevin stood near the kitchen door, over hearing their little sleepover plan and made a "emergency" boys meeting at his room. "The girls are all having a sleep over! So time to be boys again!" Freddy left the room insisting that he was coming back but we all knew he was gonna go to his room and never come back speaking that he said he had a wife. "Are you serious? The girl's are gonna kill us if they found out we were peeping on them." Naib rolled his eyes about to leave. "Martha's there." Naib paused and sat back down. "What's the point of doing this?" William said, "Well, duh! To learn their girly secrets!" Kevin shouted, slamming his hand onto the floor. "We should let them have their personal space." Eli sighed. "Why am I here?" Aesop questioned, "Oh! You can leave if you want 'new' boy." Kevin said looking up at Aesop as he walked out. "This is a chance to see if we have a chance!" Kevin said with stars in his eyes, "I'm fine with that as long as Emma's there." Kreacher said daydreaming. Naib shuttered and that's how their plans were made! At 8:00 the girl's gathered in Vera's room, the boys except Aesop and Kurt, stood in front of Vera's door peaking through the crack of the door, "Y-Y-Young girls..... Sleepover." William elbowed Kreacher's chest causing him to silently Yelp. "Martha! when are you and Naib becoming a thing?" Tracy said the second everyone was done setting up their 'beds' "Yeah! When?" Emma semi shouted. Martha blushed "H-He doesn't like me!" Martha quickly said shoving her face in her pillow, "Martha's in loooovveeeeee with you Naib!" William playfully nudged him. Kurt stared at the boys and walked too his room. Naib jabbed William in his stomach but that didn't hurt him cause he literally jabs his head into hunters. After listening to their weird conversations they had, it was 12:00. "Hey let's go do something to the boys!"  Someone said but the couldn't tell cause they were huddled up mischievously. The boys quickly stumbled into their rooms except Eli, he thought it was stupid so he went to get a glass of water and spotted Aesop's door wide open and saw y/n kiss his forehead, 'what the fu- fundle bundle?!' he shouted inside his head.  He quickly went back downstairs to get another glass of water, 'IM TIRED! TIRED I SAY.' He quickly went to his room trying to avoid Aesop's room then spotting y/n looking around in his room, "Creeper peeper?" He playfully said watching her flinch, "I-I UH!" She suddenly stuttered. He chuckled before asking, "May I ask why you're in my room?" "Girls are checking on the b-boys!" She said nervously. He sat on his bed, "You're kind." He smiled at y/n. Her face blushed a red and quickly sped walked to the door, "I- Uh! Goodnight!" She stuttered out and looked at him from the door, "Awh? I don't get a kiss like Aesop?" He 'pouted', she quickly walked up to him and pecked his forehead then closed the door and left, talking could be heard in front his door. He chuckled before laying down and covered his red face, "I'm an idiot."

Aesop's time oWo! Or pov

Somewhat angst :(

After watching the boys peak on the girls for a while he walked to his room, "Weirdos." He shivered then looking at the coffin in the corner of his room, he hummed as he took out the doll out of the coffin and started dancing with it which felt long. BAM! "GIRLS ARE COMING AND IF THEY FOUND OUT WE'RE AWAKE THEIR GONNA KILL US!" William shouted before looking confused at the shocked Aesop and the doll he was dancing with, William quickly walked out and closed the door, "M-Mommy?" William said before running to his room. Embarrassment and anxiety filled Aesop's head, 'the idiot saw me, he must think I'm weird.. oh no...' he started to shake and put the doll back and crawled into his bed still shaking, "I'm scared, mom." He wiped his tears that were now spilling out like a waterfall. He quickly felt asleep and woke up to a peck on his forehead, he blushed. 'Is this good? taking me to heaven?' he heard a click of the door closing and quickly shot up and looked around frantically. Phew....

I'm sorry it's not as long! This took a while to finish I'm sorry!
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