Jared x Reader =sleep=

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A/N I'm excited about this one UwU

Your POV

Jared huffs. "Why did you even want to sleep with me?"
"The only other single person here is Alexander. I'm not sleeping with him and I'm certainly not getting in the way of everyone else."
"Alex is not single."
"I mean he's the only one alone here doofus." He groans and drops a pillow.
"Are you gonna help me build this thing or what!?" He spits. I've had enough.
"I'm leaving. I'd rather sleep on the couch." I get off the bed and make my way towards the door playing with the sleeves of my sweater. I blink away the tears that are forming in the brim of my eyes. Jared frowns.
"Come here." He says softly.
"Not a chance, mate." I reach for the door when he says something I would've never expected him so to say.
"I'm sorry. Please come back." Wiping my face, I turn around.
"Stop being such a bastard and I might." He puts his hands up. "Fine, but if you want me to stay you'll stop being annoying."
"I'm a bastard and I'm annoying? Jeez, I made quite a reputation for myself, haven't I?" I roll my eyes and put up more pillows.
"Shut up and help me build this wall."

We build a wall separating sides of the bed and get changed into our PJs
"G night, Kleinman."
"G night, L/N." And with that we drift off to sleep.

I wake up and see Jared tangled with me. The pillow wall is long gone, somehow, and Jareds face was buried in the crook of my neck. He snores lightly and it's very annoying. I kick him lightly in the shins and he wakes up slightly.
"Whattt." He says dragging out some of the letters. He notices were tangled together but he doesn't do anything. He just digs himself right back where he was and goes back to sleep. I sigh and do the same.

I shoot up and heavily breath. I had another nightmare. I start crying and hyperventilating waking Jared up in the process,
"No, no, no, no, no, no! Please don't cry!" He wipes the tears from my eyes and lays me back down, stroking my hair he whispers soothing things in my ear
"It's alright, I'm here to protect you."

A/N He protecc. He attacc. But most importantly. He wants his bath bombs bacc.

Jared wakes up this time. He groans and pulls the sheets over to him making me fall out of the bed.
"What the frick Jared!" I exclaim sloppily.
"I'm cold!"
"Go eat a bath bomb would you?"
He gasps overdramatising it. "Who told you?!" I sigh and climb back into the bed. I pull the covers back and Jared takes ahold of my waist.
"I guess we're just gonna have to sleep closer together if we both want it."
"You sneaky little prick." Jared ends up spooning me and to be honest, it was comforting and warm. Very warm. I loved it.

I woke up to the sun shining brightly on my face. It's actually morning this time. I look at Jared and see him sound asleep. He's very cute when he sleeps. I study his face for a minute or two then decide to get up. I walk downstairs and see Ram making coffee. He yawns and greets me.
"You smell like someone I know. I can't put my finger on it." I think for a bit.
"Like... A new car?" He gasps.
"Yeah! Exactly that! But... Who the fuck would smell like that." I small yawn was heard behind us and it's none other than the insanely cool Jared Kleinman himself.
"G'morning." I high five him.
"Morning." He takes a cup of coffee and Ram gasps again.
"Jared smells like strawberries!... Why'd you smell like a new car," he points to me. "And you smell like strawberries!" He snorts. "It's like you've swapped scents or somethin'."
Veronica walks up behind them. "What're you talking about?"
"Jared smells like Y/N and Y/N smells like Jared! Weird right?" Veronica slams her fist on the counter and dies of laughter. "No freaking way! You totally slept together!" Rams eyes widen and looks at me.
"you agreed to sleep with... Him?" I open a cupboard and grab a mug.
"Your point being??" I question picking out a tea bag and pouring the water in.
"Why?" I shrug but then Jared steps in front of me. "Why not?" He snaps back. Damn he's low key kinda hot wtf.
"I mean don't you hate each other?"
We share a glance then look back at Ram.
"Do we?" I ask genuinely confused. Jared takes my hand and leads me outside to the backyard.

"C-can... I tell you something?" I nod. Jared is never nervous so it must be important.
"I like.. no I love you. Y/N L/N, I'm in love with you." My words fail and I can't string a sentence together. I've always liked Jared. But for him to like me back? That doesn't happen very often. Jared sees my confused expression and frowns.
"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that."
"I mean, I love you too."
"Y-you do? Uh I mean, cool. No uh, Awesome!! I-" I cut him off by kissing him on the cheek.

"Hey Kleinman??"
"Pick me up at 7:00."

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