why? because It-

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"I'M COMING PLEASE DON'T I DON'T WANNA GO TO ANY OTHER SCHOOL I'LL BE DOWN IN 3 MINUTES PROMISE" you scream "MMMMM MAYBE I COULD MAKE THAT WORK BUT YOU BETTER HURRY OR ELSE" he chuckles. you jump out of bed and brush your hair and teeth you get dressed in my uniform for school you garbed the knife and cut yourself 5 times 2 more then normal you thought to yourself, you pulled down you long sleeves and went downstairs. "i have to go teddy bear ill see you after your done ok?" Zero says as he leaves "okay love you bro" "love you too teddy bear be safe" "will do" you go in the kitchen you see you mom and you try to leave before she sees you but like always your not quick enough "Y/N GET OVER HERE NOW" Amber yells. you walk over there with your head down and say "yes mom?" she pushes you to the floor and kicks you in the side "go die you slut" she says to you, you try not to cry and you leave before she pulls your hair.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Time skip~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

At school you see Izuku and run up to him "IZUKU WAIT UP" you start yelling to him, he looks behind him and smiles "hey Y/N whats up?" "nothing much" you give him a fake smile "anyways lets get to class" you grab his arm and run to class as you go to sit down Bakugou comes in and sits behind you that's not where he normally sits so he probably asked one of his friends to take his set. the teacher starts talking and goes on this big ranted about how its our last day and we need to think about the future then he gets to the applying for hero schools. (oh shit me and izuku are dead) you think to yourself. "Oh looks like Izuku and Y/N are also going to U.A bakugou" the teacher says everybody looks at me and Izuku you sit next to Izuku so you look at him then everyone else...... its complete silence then everyone starts to laugh at Izuku and you  "HEY DEKU DUMB ASS JUST DROP OUT ITS NOT LIKE YOU CAN GET IT YOU QUIRK LESS TWERPS" bakugou yells you look at him and stand you you hair turns on fire you violet eyes glowing "JUST CUZ MIDORIYA IS QUIRK LESS MEANS NOTHING BAKUGOU HE CAN STILL DO THE EXAMS GOT IT" no ones ever seen you get mad to the point where your hair lights on fire. Izuku looks at you with shock and then he smiles you look at him and your surprised hes not scared most times people see you like that they scream monster or killer other than your brother you then you smile back "class dismissed" everyone leaves but you bakugou and izuku. Bakugou looks at you and you leave he starts to yell at you "HEY NERD GET BACK HERE" you go up to the roof as he follows you get up there before him and stand at the edge of the leg. he makes it up and see you. you turn around "Hey Bakugou I'm surprised you followed me up here" you say trying not to cry 

"wait dumb ass dont do that get down now" Bakugou says with censure in his voice you pull up you sleeves and shows him "Y/N why did-" you cut him off "did i do it? because of my home" you look at him with tears you hair turns to water   "what do you mean?" he walks to you "its all my fault" you cry "IT ALL MY FAULT they say but my brother says its not she saved my life but she thinks its all my fault" your in complete tears "whats your fault?" Bakugou asks in a sweet calming voice you've never hared his voice like this it makes you fell happy and safe. you look in his crimson eyes and he looks at you violet eyes "when i was 11 we where at the park and i was crossing the street to get ice cream but... I stopped cuz i thought i hared my mom call my name so i stopped and looked at my sister Z and my brother Zero i didn't see my mom so i turned around and saw a car coming......." you started to cry again Bakugou picks you up and holds you close to him his body heat makes you feel clam and warm you continue "i saw a car coming and i closed my eyes and i was going to use my air quirk to stop it but my sister jumped in front of it to save me when i opened my eyes i saw...blood everywhere" you cry even more "a-and i looked down and saw Z laying there dead in front of me and now my mom says its my fault and it should have been me who got hit by that car she abuses me and cheated on my dad and drink my dad is an alcoholic but he doesn't hit me or harm me he just yells at me and my brother is the only on who cares for me" you look at Bakugou still crying "do you want me to come home with you? you can stay with me and the old hag" he says in a sweet voice

"you would really do that?" you say slowly coming back to solid form. "only if you want. your brother can come too if he likes" he says "i mean Zero already has a place to stay so i don't think so he comes to cheek on me in the morning afternoons on weekends and after school and night so i eat." you say with a little smile and its for once a real smile "well lets get you home so you can pack" he says walking me to my place

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Time skip~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

                                                                                 At your house

you see your brother waiting for you he sees you and you wave "Yo teddy bear thank god you back i was worried" he says "sorry Zero um i have a question" you say looking at his powder blue eyes "what is it sis?" "um can i live with Bakugou?" you say in a shy voice "the boy beside you? why i need a good reason." he says you give him a glare "are you for real...?!?" "yes." 

"oh.my.god fine when i get inside you and Bakugou hide so mom doesn't see you got it and ill give you a reason and i've never told you this cuz i didn't want you to worrier anymore then you already do but just do what i say got it" you say looking at him with a series look ".....alright? whatever you say teddy bear" bakugou looks at me in reassurance "i hope this works ;-;" you walk in and the boys hide "I'M HOME" Milo comes over and hugs you your surprised "good luck" he says "thanks dad" you kiss his cheek and he leaves Amber runs downstairs "WHY ARE YOU HOME DIDN'T I SAY GO DIE YOU SLUT" she yells at you Bakugou growls under his breath.

Bakugous POV:

"WHY ARE YOU HOME DIDN'T I SAY GO DIE YOU SLUT" Amber yells I growl under my breath i dont know why I'm getting ma- do I no that's....nope its true I....fuck i like the dumb ass shit.   he thinks to himself


You stay silent. Amber hits you punches you and kicks you. "I TOLD YOU GO DIE IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN YOU NOT Z NOT MY BABY GIRL!!" she keeps yelling you scream in pain "STOP IT, IT HURTS AHHHHHHAHHHHAHHHHHAHH MOM STOP PLEASE" you bag her to stop as she kicks you in the cheat you cough up blood "STOP IT MOM ENOUGH IT WASN'T HER FAULT AND YOU KNOW THAT" Zero yells Bakugou comes out after him he runs over to me "Y/N are you ok?" he asks in a worried tone "i-i'm just fine" you give a fake smile "ok your moving in with your boyfriend" zero says you jump you all flustered "h-hes not my boyfriend" you say "Aw too bad i like the guy at least hes your friend right teddy bear?" Zero asks "y-yeah i guess he is" you smile you go upstairs and pack your things after that you change into a F/C sweater and ripped jeans you grab the knife and pill up you sleeve and cut 3 more times you clean the knife and pack it in the bag (its a pocket knife but sharper) 

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