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The bell rang. A sign that it was time for the students to go home. Well, except for the music club's members. They had to go to their gathering room for another meeting.

"Where are you going?" Jaemin asked Renjun who lazily got his bag and swung it around his shoulder.

"Murev, of course." Renjun sighed. "Not that I'm comparing or anything, but I've noticed that Mark-hyung has been doing a lot of meetings lately." Another sigh escaped his mouth once he got outside the classroom. "Why are you following me again? Where is Jeno?" He asked.

"He's sick, right? He's in the clinic right now. I think Jaehyun-hyung is there with him, too." Jaemin shrugged.

"Jaehyun-hyung is also sick?" Renjun asked.

Jaemin smacked his head. "No, you idiot. He's there to accompany and take care of Jeno." He said.

Renjun stopped on his tracks once he saw a familiar figure, who just got out of the locker room. His face immediately brightened and he smiled.

"Dude, why did you have to stop without any warnings?! That hurts!" Jaemin said, rubbing his arm which bumped the wall because Renjun stopped walking.

Jaemin's eyes looked at what Renjun was looking. He raised a brow and looked at Renjun, who was smiling. "Woah, what's with the smile? You look creepy." The older didn't reply, and was just looking at the girl walking away from them. "Who's she? I don't recognize her." Jaemin asked.

"She's... nice..." Renjun sighed and just looked at her dreamily.

Jaemin rolled his eyes at his friends and pushed him away to snap him back to reality.

"Jaemin?!" Renjun blurted out louder than he's supposed to. His head bumped on one of the posts in the hallway.

"You aren't responding to anything I'm saying!" Jaemin rolled his eyes for the nth time already. "I was asking you. Who is she?" He smirked.

"Can you not?!" Renjun pushed his face away and continued walking. He smiled when he saw her walking not far away from them.

He decided to walk away from Jaemin to avoid his questions.

"Wow, look at that guy replacing me for someone he barely met." Jaemin scoffed while watching Renjun walk away from him. He sighed, "Aigoo~ I think Injoon's already liking someone." He smiled.

"Ningning~" Renjun singsonged as he skipped towards Ningning.

Ningning's eyes widened when she heard Renjun's voice. Her heartbeat started to beat fast as she turned her head around.

She smiled, "Hi Ren~" She greeted.

Renjun raised a brow while smiling, "Ren?" He chuckled.

Ningning nodded, "Yeah. Ren, from Renjun." She giggled. "W-Why, don't you like it?"

"Nah." Renjun shook his head and they started walking. "I like it, so keep calling me Ren all you want." He smiled. "Because you're also the only one who could call me that."


"I'm so sorry for this sudden meeting. It's just that, I remembered that the winter fair is about to start, and we haven't decided about the ending duet yet." Mark said, while carrying a lot of books, as soon as he entered the room. "The duet—" He coughed awkwardly, remembering the duet. "I mean, the opening... would still be done by me." He said.

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