Author's Note

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This is the first story I've ever written and completed. This alone makes me heave a massive amount of gratitude to the OpenNovellaContest for giving us goals to strive for.

A massive thanks to SoelleKhiss, authorhlumelo, Kaiddance, and SallyMason1 for letting me run my crazy ideas past you. And to Olivaughn, Van_Carley  and Katherina_Michels  for showing so much support!

I really wanted to explore what it means to be good or evil. Is it good to kill someone even if he or she deserved it? Is it evil to resent your child for making a foolish mistake? What's the line that separates good from evil? Would you cross it?

Aunt Shannon spoke about two wolves inside of us. Gnashing, starving creatures who want to consume and control us. But if too much bad is a bad thing, is too much good a good thing? Is revenge ever sweet?

The way I see it, life is a garden. What you plant will grow. If I bury seeds of resentment and hatred into the dirt, why would I expect joy and happiness to grow?

I think it's so much simpler to see life this way, instead of all black or all white. Sometimes things are a blessed gray. And that's okay.

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